Has anyone rcvd their acceptance letter for WOSC 2012? - page 2

I have been a mailbox stalker for a month now. Have anyone rcvd any news about the WOSC nursing program or their acceptance letter?... Read More

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    I would also like to ask how many points you were accepted with, the average GPA you were accepted with, and how long of a wait or how many times applying before being accepted? I read the other post on wait lists but saw only a general answer. I would prefer a little more in depth please. Thank you in advance.

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    I got accepted to Altus fall 2013
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    I just happened to look at after all this time. I made a 77% and 80% on my admission exam. I paid to take it twice. My GPA was 2.80. I used the book to study. I got accepted the first time.

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