failed third semester RN (BSN) with two C- and can i transf

  1. Am a Rn student in okc and lost my dad during my third semester and was kick out of the nursing program because you cant make to C- in one there any Nursing schools that i can transfer into and finish my degree.Hoping they can accept most of my classes.I will appreciate any information or help.Thanks
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  3. by   Joe1984
    So sorry to hear about your father, nursing school is so mentally and physically draining by itself, I couldn't imagine attempting it during a difficult time in my personal life as well. What is your overall GPA? And, does your program allow students an opportunity to re-enroll, if so have you ever had to re-enroll before? I know my program will allow you to re enter the program one time, and many other local programs are the same. However, you may have to go on a waiting list since many of the schools are so competitive. If this is the first time you have had any academic problems, I don't see you having a problem getting back into your program or another nursing program. Personally, I don't see having 2 C's on your transcript as the sole reason for not being accepted into another program, unless there have been other issues in the past as well.
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    I think you are going to have to look around and ask.....I am so sorry for your loss.((HUGS)) Thread moved for best response