Couplet Care

  1. Our hospital has recently decided to switch from couplet care to traditional post partum care. I am wondering how other hospitals in OK handle this. Do you have certain nurses who take moms and some that take babies? If so, do you have 2 nurses going in and out of the pt's room all the time? And do the pt's have any complaints about not knowing which nurse to ask questions to? And do you keep a nurse in the nursery? We typically have 8-10 deliveries per night and normally have 4-5 couplets each. Thanks so much, any info is great!
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  3. by   Mommaof3
    So, Im not a nurse (yet) but I can tell you that I have babies! lol. I always had a nurse for me and a nurse for my child (I have 3 @ 2 different hospitals) . Yes, 2 nurses came in and out of my room, however; they generally came in together so that we never had to worry who to direct a question to because they were both there...and they only had wake us or whatever once so it never bothered me. In the event that they came in separate I just asked whatever questions I had and if they didn't know they sent the other one in. I never had a problem with it as a patient but don't know of the other side just yet. Hope this helps!