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Hello!! I'm wanting to get my CNA and thinking about going to Central Tech is Sapulpa. The starting time for the evening class is 5:30, The part that concerns me, because I was talking to someone about another program elsewhere,... Read More

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    I for one would like to thank toadfrog and a couple of other girls for all their "whining" if it wasn't for them writing emails and several phone calls we would still be waiting for the school to get organized enough to send off our applications for NCLEX and still be waiting for our test dates. So whine on toadfrog!!
    Its also pretty unprofessional for a teacher to be writing post as a student trying to defend the school program. I have spoken to all of the girls in the program throughout the year and not one ever said what "Anon student" has posted.
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    Quote from disneymom
    I'm curious about Central Tech as well....how do you like their LPN program? Is it self-paced like other LPN programs? I'm considering their Sapulpa campus for LPN.

    The Drumright program is self paced, but the Sapupla program is not. I went to Drumright Central Tech for my LPN and graduated last July, i enjoyed it very much.redbeathe
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    That's how I feel. Where are u practicing now? R u going to bridge?
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    Quote from okscrapper
    That's how I feel. Where are u practicing now? R u going to bridge?

    Yeah i got my license and i plan on hopeful bridgeing in may
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    Best of luck to you!
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    thank you

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