Anyone else get accepted into Langston univ Spring 2013

  1. Hi my name is Tiffany and I have received my acceptance letter into Langston University Bachelor of Science Nursing Program for the spring of 2013 since the lady over the phone told me that the fall 2012 had to many students already. I was wondering if anyone else got accepted into Langston University in the Tulsa Campus?????????
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  3. by   okiern2b
    Hi! I'm Kristi, and I also have been accepted to the Spring 2013 program at Langston. I applied for spring, because I won't finish my pre-reqs until Fall semester. I will be doing Physiology, Micro, & Advanced Comp next fall, as well as the CNA program at TCC.

    Glad to find someone else who is going to Langston, because I don't know anyone who has been, or anyone who works with any Langston nurses. I haven't worked in nursing before. I worked in accounting for several years, but have always wanted to pursue nursing and finally had the opportunity to go back to school. I'm really excited, but getting my acceptance letter and seeing the list of everything that I need to get completed before November really reminded me of just how much work I have ahead of me. Good Luck!
  4. by   Pre-nurseTiff
    Congratulations on your acceptance!!!

    I was excited as well on getting my acceptance letter and seeing all the paperwork I have to get ready for november is kinda crazy. To pay for all the background checks and etc. I have to take elem. statistics & advance comp ( which will be creative writing) at Connors in muskogee this summer. And get my CNA certification in the end of May at Indian capital after fall class finals are done.
    Good Luck and I look forward to seeing in nursing in 2013...Cause I don't know anyone who applied and just trying to reach out to those who did get accepted.
    If you don't mind me asking do you live in the Tulsa area. I live in Sallisaw,oklahoma so yeah i will have a drive lol
  5. by   okiern2b
    I live in Coweta, which is about 35 minutes from school. Not nearly as far as Sallisaw. I've been whining about the gas cost already, but it must be killing you.

    I found out a couple of days ago that there is a person in my Chem class who applied to Langston for fall and they told her that she was an alternate, but she is going to call and find out if she can start in spring if she doesn't get into fall.
  6. by   Pre-nurseTiff
    Not exactly okiern2b I have a stick shift and my VW is pretty good on gas lol. And I won't be driving back and forth everyday
  7. by   mrsbrowne33
    im late but Congrats girls!! i got into the spring 2013 program as well. I just started working as a CNA & I have all my pre-reqs done so now I just have to get all the paperwork done for november. Do either of you know the exact start date of the program?
  8. by   Pre-nurseTiff
    I'm not sure of the exact but if it's like the college I attend It will probably start jan.12 ( I hope not that's my birthday) lol but congrats on getting accepted mrs.brown
  9. by   Pre-nurseTiff
    Oh and I have a question mrsbrowne33 how was statistics and writing for the workplace ? I will be taking a 5 week course and do not know what to expect
  10. by   mrsbrowne33
    Statistics was ok. I took it when I was in college in california so I'm not sure if they teach it the same out here but the class I was in allowed us to use notes on the test since one problem has numerous steps & info necessary to solve it. The writing class I took wasn't bad at all(maybe because I enjoyed writting @ that time lol). If you're taking it over the summer you shouldn't be required to write too much. Good luck!
  11. by   Pre-nurseTiff
    Ok thanks so much congrats on getting in by the way see ya in nov.
  12. by   Pre-nurseTiff
    So I have update on how I have been with my documentation for november 2nd. I have completed my background check both of them, my cna certification. My CPR certification is in Oct.10 and i have to do a physical and thats it. Is there anything else i am missing mmmm??? How is everyone else doing???
  13. by   Ash2012
    CONGRATS everyone!!! I am a current nursing student at Langston Tulsa. Dont hesitate to ask any upper classmates questions!Nursing school is a tough road but will be very rewarding when you finished.
  14. by   fallgrad2012
    Get organized ASAP, your first day would be good. And consitently maintain organization throughout your progression in the program. Remind your family that you will be "out of pocket" while in a current semester, now that I am finally done, it's amazing how much I really missed, didn't see, or was so pre-occupied with school that I missed all together, thank goodness my children are older and my husband was understanding because we tend to forget how hard nursing school is on our families. There are several students that think there needs to be a support group for the spouses, BF's, etc.... because they go through hell too.

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