Anybody from Oklahoma finish Excelsior?

  1. I am trying to find those from Oklahoma who went through Exclesior College and used Oklahoma as their state to gain initial licensure and were able to endorse into CA. I know that Oklahoma requires a preceptorship before being allowed to gain licensure in Oklahoma. I am from Nevada and I am wishing to work in CA as I will relocate there. CA requires clinicals concurrently with theory, and I know that the preceptorship comes after the CPNE is completed I am curious to find those who successfully were able to endorse into CA.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    You are not going to find anyone who has endorsed into California with an Excelsior education if they enrolled after December 2003. The California BRN's stance has toughened on this issue. Basically, they are not allowing anyone who completed Excelsior's RN/ASN program to endorse into their state. Since Oklahoma's preceptorship occurs after the theory portion, you're out of luck when attempting to endorse into California.
  4. by   Nurse_AngelaNV2CA
    Thank you Commuter for the comment. Unless you work for the CA BRN or went to Excelsior and were unsuccessful in having your license endorsed into CA, I am going to treat your comment as an opinion. At the moment I am looking for facts from those who have lived through this. If you did live through this and were unsuccessful in endorsing your license in CA please share your experience as I would definately like to learn from it. Thank you
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Well, click on link below. It might bestow some hope upon you.