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Just curious, are there any other Tulsa Community College nursing students on this site? If there is, how do you like the program and what level are u in? I just finished level one and I thought it was pretty good, I enjoyed... Read More

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    Quote from honeydawn75
    I am going to apply this fall. I have a couple of questions for you. Do you know what the minimum score for the NET test is to get in? What is the average gpa of the students you are going to school with? I am worried about not getting in. I took the practice NET test and only made a 70 in the reading section. I am going to take the net test next week.Any advice or information that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
    I know this is an old thread, but I thought I would throw in my information. I applied in December and got my acceptance for Fall 2009 the beginning of March. I think the NET was kind of a joke. I bought a book and studied and it was 30 very remedial math questions (the most complicated it got was adding fractions), 5 total multiple choice questions on math, a personal assessment, etc. I got a 70-ish on reading and a 100 on math with a 90-something overall. My GPA (total including my OU courses from my business degree) is a 3.252, my TCC/Science GPA (approx 24 credit hours) is a 4.0. I got in with Physiology this summer to go and Micro also still to be taken (with Level 1 this fall).

    I am really excited. Best of luck to everyone else starting soon and applying.


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    Would anyone who has been through the program be able to share a basic overview of skill set learned in Level 1? I know you cover fundamentals such as CNA tasks (bathing, beds, vitals, etc), but what else? Do you do any of the following: foleys/caths, blood draws/IVs, injections, passing meds (in clinicals), etc? Also, do you do your entire Level 1 clinical (I've heard a nursing home) at the same location? How far into the semester do clinicals begin?

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    I had to drop level one this last semester just a day before onsite clinicals began, due to a childs illness....but
    I'll try to help you where I can! I feel for you having to take Micro during level one, that is really going to be an added strain! I had to take Phy this semester, and I'm taking Micro over the summer to avoid doing that again! It's true that the entire semester is spent at one nursing home, after all level one is entirely on the older adult! I'm not sure about what additional skill sets are learned except for sure that you'll be assigned a client that you have to get to know personally and physically and track their PHI and make a semester long care plan for them, I know that's the biggie. On of the hardest things about level one is also I&P. It's only a one hour class, but it's extremely time consuming and if you fail that, you won't go to level 2. I'll be back in the fall to level one again, so if we meet give a shout out!


    Jennifer Smith

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