2013 OU ABSN Applications - page 4

I know from reading previous posts there were a few others that were applying to the OU ABSN program. I just turned my application in about two weeks ago. I'm hoping to be accepted to the Duncan... Read More

  1. by   oilsooner
    Are any of you guys planning to apply to the NP program? I think you'd have to apply during the BSN program. I am specifically referring to the Tulsa campus. Does anyone know if they accept applicants from the BSN program to go straight to the NP program without working first?
  2. by   carlygh
    Pretty sure hearing that other schools are sending letters is making this wait even worse!
  3. by   oilsooner
    They are supposed to mail them tomorrow, right?
  4. by   carlygh
    We all have different dates so who knows?
  5. by   oilsooner
    Well, I'll post up if I get one in the mail. I live about 5 miles from the OU Tulsa campus, so if they mail them tomorrow, I will have it in my mailbox on Tuesday.
  6. by   BoomerSooner31
    I hope they are mailed today! I'm going crazy over here!!!
  7. by   carlygh
  8. by   carlygh
    Didn't have a letter today! Anybody else??
  9. by   oilsooner
    Nothing today.
  10. by   leslieandrews
    Has anyone called to see if they have sent the letters yet? I have a feeling that they are giving out October 16th as an estimated date and we're going to be biting our nails until November!!
  11. by   carlygh
    I don't think we will hear until early November! That's just my thought but I wish it would be sooner!
  12. by   BoomerSooner31
    I've heard they try to give later dates to keep people from calling in so much, but I think on Friday I'm going to call and ask again. Mostly because I just can't take it!!
  13. by   carlygh
    You will have to let us know!!! I'm dying here! I wonder if all 40 applicants met all the requirements or if that's just the number they received? I know a lot are thrown out because of late submissions or missed classes and stuff

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