2013 OU ABSN Applications - page 3

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I know from reading previous posts there were a few others that were applying to the OU ABSN program. I just turned my application in about two weeks ago. I'm hoping to be accepted to the Duncan program. My husband and I will be... Read More

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    I emailed them and they said hopefully shortly before thanksgiving! Did you email them too?
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    Yeah I emailed them back in late august. That's so weird they gave 2 separate answers! Well let's all hope we get them sooner!!
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    Any news on how many applied?
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    I haven't heard anything yet.
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    I talked to them today and they had 40 apply with Duncan as their first choice and they are accepting 16!
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    Hey guys! I applied to the ABSN Duncan program as well! I am so nervous, I can't stand it any longer! Good luck to all of you!
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    Really only 40 applied to Duncan as their first choice this year? Wow! Ok so hopefully us 4 can all make it in! I'm just so nervous!!!
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    I emailed admissions today and asked when we should expect our letters, so I will let you guys know what I hear! Hopefully sooner than later!
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    Hopefully you will get the same answer as one of us so we can compare!
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    Well hopefully your answer will match one of the ones we got!
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