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I know from reading previous posts there were a few others that were applying to the OU ABSN program. I just turned my application in about two weeks ago. I'm hoping to be accepted to the Duncan... Read More

  1. by   jenndavis
    Just needing to vent a little bit. I got my varicella titer back and it was negative. I need the vaccine now and my doctor's office is making it so difficult to get it. Arrgghhh. Hopefully today it will be taken care of. Tulsa applicants stay positive.
  2. by   oilsooner
    Update: Mine has changed. Accelerated program was removed, but the regular program is still listed.

    Does this mean I was denied for the accelerated program, but accepted to the regular program?

    Or that I was possibly denied for both, but waitlisted or the regular?
  3. by   hdryden3
    Quote from oilsooner
    Yes, I have checked, and nothing has changed as of this morning (Nov 30). You?
    I checked an all that's listed now is the Tulsa accelerated.. The traditional application is gone.
  4. by   oilsooner
    Guessing that means you were accepted to the accelerated program? If so, congrats!!
  5. by   hdryden3
    I don't want to get my hopes up.. So we will see but Good luck to you! Hope we find out soon
  6. by   hdryden3
    Quote from Makebelieve81
    I just wanted to let you guys know that my application status changed this morning and is now only showing the accelerated program in Tulsa.
    What all did you apply for? How many applications did you have before it changed? Mine changed to only that too..
  7. by   Makebelieve81
    I applied for both the traditional and accelerated programs in Tulsa only. Like you, my traditional application dropped off this morning and now only the accelerated application remains. I hope this means that we have been accepted into the accelerated program!
  8. by   leslieandrews
    i applied only to the absn program in tulsa and it's still listed on my application page. I wish there was a clue as to what happens once they have chosen the accepted students. It probably doesn't mean anything! We're just all freaking out! haha
  9. by   oilsooner
    Was the university ID always listed there on the status page, or is that new?
  10. by   leslieandrews
    it's always been there, i'm pretty sure.
  11. by   hdryden3
    Makebelieve81..I hope so too!
  12. by   leslieandrews
    well, my status on the app page is now blank. This probably isn't a good sign. UGHH!!
  13. by   carlygh
    Got my background check back today! All I lack is a drug test and 1 more tb!

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