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I know from reading previous posts there were a few others that were applying to the OU ABSN program. I just turned my application in about two weeks ago. I'm hoping to be accepted to the Duncan program. My husband and I will be... Read More

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    I think an analog watch.
    I love Target watches!!

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    you'll need a watch with a second hand to count respirations and heart rates. I'm not in the OKC program, but I am a CNA in Tulsa (waiting on my letter from ou tulsa!) and a digital watch won't be much help to you during clinicals.
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    Great thanks! I'm looking at the timex weekender watch and nike free run shoes...anybody have these and like them or not like them??
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    Thank you for all of the information guys!
    Carlygh: My sisters husband has a pair of those shoes and he loves them. He said they are really lightweight and comfortable!
    Now that we got accepted, it seems like everything is happening so fast!
    Jenndavis: are you going to be living on/near base? My husband is in the military, so I will be living in Lawton and commuting to Duncan!
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    Ok great! A lot of my nursing friends wear them and love them!
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    I've heard the Nike Free Run shoes are really good too! Do you guys know if we do our clinicals and normal classes in Duncan or do we do the classes at Cameron in Lawton?

    Carlygh, I live in Lawton so if you guys are interested in carpooling I'm in!
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    BoomerSooner31, carpooling would be great! Maybe we can set that up later! All I have seen about where we will be doing classes and clinicals is from an allnurses forum with a guy who had been in the program. He says that we can choose in the Fall whether to be in Duncan or Lawton when we are integrated with the other traditional nursing students. So Im guessing before that time, we will be in Duncan.
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    Hey! I live on the north side of Apache Gate, towards medicine park, but yes carpooling sounds like a great idea. My husband will actually be PCSing in March. We were only here for 6 months for a school. My family is here though, so that helps. Do any of you know if the book list is current on the website. I checked and it is listed for 2012-2013. I would like to start ordering them but not the wrong ones. I emailed the Duncan adviser but haven't heard back yet.
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    You can find the textbook list here. You have to kind of search through to find all the classes for this semester though.
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    I looked on amazon and priced the books and it looks like for all of the books we need for the whole program it's about 1300(that's all new books) just FYI

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