1+1 program at OSU-OKC

  1. Hey guys. I got into OSU-OKC's 1+1 program. Any insights or info about the program. I have two choices for the first year... Metro Tech or Moore Norman Tech. Its Moore Norman Tech's first year doing the 1+1.

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  3. by   jewls67
    How do you like the program so far? I am thinking about applying to the 1+1 program. Are you going to attend osu-okc your third semester? thanks
  4. by   jewls67
    Hello to all!
    Is anyone doing the 1+1 program at OCCC this year, or has done the 1+1 program at OCCC.. If anyone would like to share information on it, that would be great!

  5. by   katy89
    Hey did you guys go through with the 1+1? I am about to start. Did you like it? Have any advice?
  6. by   jewls67
    Hey Katy89,
    Yes, I went through the program. I loved it! I went to francis tuttle and then took my lpn boards and went straight into the third semester of nursing school at Okcc. It is an excellent program, especially your first year of nursing school. The LPN program part you will really enjoy because it is mon-friday with theory class,lab class, and to study alone for two hours if you would like. They make it fun too so that you enjoy your time there.
    If I could give any advice to you I would say get a saunders nclex RN book and start doing some nclex questions every night. Just do like 10 or so. And whatever subject that you are on in the LPN class and RN class I would stick with the nclex catergory questions related to what you are studying You are going to do great! Keep me posted on how everything is going too. Let me know if I can help in any way too
    Oh, almost forgot where are you going for your 1+1?
  7. by   katy89
    That makes me feel a lot better. Im a little bumbed that I didn't get into the regular RN program but this sounds like it might be a better deal. I went and got a book from the store called Exam Cram, should I take it back and get the one you suggested? Thanks much for the help
  8. by   jewls67
    Hey Katy89, I heard lots of people say that they wished they had done the 1+1 instead of the traditional RN program The reason being is because the LPN school will give you a major amount of information to help you suceed RN school. Also, LPN school gives you more round of clinicals, which will help you out in the long run! It helped me and a bunch of my classmates out that have now passed the RN Which we all graduated this year in May.
    On the book, yes I heard many good things about Exam Cram. I would stick with that one. For the saunders, they have that book in the library at the LPN schools. If you can, just take the CD out of the book and download it on your computer so you can do some practice nclex questions on your own time.
    I hope this helps! Best wishes and good luck! I heard great things about Metro Tech and Moore Norman Tech
  9. by   katy89
    Well congratulations! You must feel relieved to have graduated.
    I was woundering if you were able to have a weekend job during LPN school or if their was just so much homework you cant even work 2 days. I wish I didn't need the money, but I do.
  10. by   jewls67
    Hey Katy89,
    Thanks! Now I am headed towards taking the Nclex RN, well I will have to take it again, but I pray that I pass it the second time ))
    Yes, I was able to work 2 days a week. I worked for a temporary agency giving flu shots. They paid pretty good too. You can work two days a week, but I wouldn't recommend any more than that Are you going to Okcc after your LPN school?
  11. by   katy89
    Good luck on your test! Youll do great!
    What sort of agency was it. I don't have any connections or ideas of places that are willing to hire for the weekend. I am a CNA but I can't deal with nursing homes... Tried that. Do you already have a rn job lined up? Yeah I'm going to OCCC for my rn, is that where you went?
  12. by   jewls67
    thanks. i haven't told anyone the date, but if you could please say a little prayer that would be great!
    yes, i went to okcc. it was great! the instructors were helpful and you only went to class one day a week. you did clinicals on mon or friday.
    the agency that i worked for is called (please do not name names of flu clinics per site owner request - if you have questions please post in the help desk forum). they hire only lpn's and rn's. have you tried norman region hospital? you live out in the moore/norman area?
    i applied to mercy hospital for the nicu position. but since i didn't pass my first time on nclex rn they couldn't hire me then. they said to contact them when i passed,
    you are going to love the 1+1 by the way! let me know how it is going if you like you can personal message me too .
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  13. by   ciciwaken
    hey everyone! i am also in the osu okc 1+1 program. i will be going to metro tech for a year then back to osu. i cant wait. im getting more and more excited knowing i might know some people before first day of class. i was more scared about that. i had hoped to get into francis tuttle but the hours for LPN school at metro are better. so it will work better for taking care of my grandfather, who i have cared for for the last 4 years, though he is very happy im chosing to do this. i have no prior healthcare other then mercy gastro for year and a half with surgery floor. no cna nothing. just going in cold turkey. I have CPR class tomm night at metro tech which i bet i will like. anyways katy89 email me if you can at sgarrison2103@gmail.com so we can chat more about metro. its so nice to know someone else is gonna be there..
  14. by   katy89
    ugh oh I dont have CPR before class starts on the 10th do I?