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  1. 0 I totally forgot that in order to get my fin aid that I needed 6 credit hours. Im already taking Statistics this summer so I picked up online sociology too. Im wondering about the work load and proctored exams....Im taking it online through Zaneville OU campus. It was actually cheaper than taking through the RN-BSN online offering they have for us. The down side is that it is 4 weeks instead of 5. Im going to take full advantage of the statistics class starting early.
    Any insight would be great. Im a bit nervous
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    I am taking stats and sociology this summer as well. I opted for the 8 week version for both of them in the hope of not having to much material cramped together. Good luck to you!
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    I'm taking sociology this summer too. I'm taking it through Western Oklahoma during the summer intersession. It's a 10 day course...
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    well lets wish each other luck and hope we come out the better for it at the end of the summer. I was hoping to have a nice school work free summer but darn it I want to get done as soon as I can and I am not wasting time . IM bound and determined to be done with this program before the end of 2013
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    I just wanted to leave a little review of the class I took. I took the online sociology that was offered through the zanesville campus. No proctored exams, test were pretty easy and not very time consuming at all. 4 weeks long in total and I loved it. a few essay questions that were simple if you made sure to follow the ruberic. The easiest class I have taken through OU so far. Taking it with Stats was very doable