Roll Call 4580 Leadership, Starting 3/25/13 - page 2

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    Really? It seems as though we are going from one REALLY bad class to another. Ughhh! I think the only class I really enjoyed was music. Other than that, whatever class I am currently taking always seems like the worst.

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    I am in and this is my last class also! So excited!!!!
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    Im in also!
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    I'm in too.
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    Last one for me also. If it is anything like evidence based I might have a stroke.
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    Leadership and Diversity. Hope I didn't overdo it! Guess I will soon find out.
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    I am in this class too. It will be my 2nd. 4510 wasn't too bad except for that last paper.
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    I'm in. Funny how I looked for this forum before I looked to see if the class was online! Have it bookmarked and have a feeling I'll be spending some time here in the next five weeks. After Leadership I have Excellence and a cross cultural something or other. Will be finished this year. It's nice to see light at the end of the tunnel!
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    Does anyone have it on Blackboard yet?
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    I am in for this class as well!

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