Role Call, NRSE 4510 Spring 1 - page 4

Hi, Wondering if anyone else is enrolled to start January 2013. I'm getting excited but also a little anxious about what the pace will be like. Thought I'd connect with others who are just... Read More

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    Same to you -- I'm also taking a break. I dropped Spring 2 and am waiting to see if I'll be ready for Spring 3. Probably not, but the beauty of this is we can take these kinds of breaks and then drop back in. Good luck to you too!

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    I am also in NRSE 4510 - just submitted my paper for this week. I cannot believe how long these papers take me to write! I don't recall writing papers being this difficult when I was in school years ago - I must have lost my knack.

    I'm undecided if I will take a break for Spring 2. I think I may continue and then drop Spring 3. This has all been way more time-consuming than I anticipated - or than my family anticipated. Ugh.
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    I guess week 5's paper is going to come from internet searching, Huh?
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    Going to be hard to get everything done by Saturday morning. I know a lot of us (me included) spend weekends working on this stuff normally d/t work schedules.
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    All done with this class!!!!!!
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    Me too! What a fast five weeks!
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    I'm starting this class on MOnday Feb 18 any tips for me.
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    Dont procrastinate and write ur papers before the deadline. Start early and it will fly by...
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    Quote from Me2006
    Dont procrastinate and write ur papers before the deadline. Start early and it will fly by...
    My advice is to find a good APA web site like ( although it is not fool proof, it helps a lot in formatting the references and in text citations.) I spend most of my time on papers trying to get the darn APA correct. Set up your flash drive or whereever you save your work into folders and be sure to watch deadlines. I don't know if they fixed it or not, but sometimes on Blackboard Discussion Boards the way you set up your references formats, Blackboard will change. I wasted so much time trying to get it to look right. Finally I emailed the TA and she said, OH that's OK, we know Blackboard messes up formatting. I felt overwhelmed the first week but then I settled into a routine and it went smooth after that.
    Don't worry, you'll be fine.
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    Thank you guys for the tips I appreciate it.

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