Role Call 4510 Spring 2 - page 3

Anybody else starting this class next Monday? Hope so! A little nervous but going in with my eyes wide open! :)... Read More

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    Am I the only one having writers block on this big paper? I just want it to write itself.

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    Quote from woodsyny
    I think it is just getting use to DB posting and the paper was a lot of work. Whole class is a lot of work and the TA is dinging for everything. Next week looks a little easier with just DB post. The last 2 weeks are going to give me a run for my money I think.
    Just remember that 4510 is a combinaton class - 2 merged into one. That is why it is super hard.
    there used to be 11 nursing classes, now there are only 9. TA's are so different. Some grade super easy, and some are super picky.
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    Sooooooooo everyone has been very quiet in this class! 8 days to go! Then on to the next!

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