Ohio University RN to BSN - NRSE 4540 - Community- Spring-2/18/ 2013 - page 4

Anyone taking Community Health online with OU RN to BSN program that starts 2/18/13? Would like to start a thread for support. Have used this site in past and appreciated having others to share /... Read More

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    Sunday 923 pm here - still not up yet on the blackboard....

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    Thanks for telling us this! Since it is not coming up for me on BB, I appreciate your listing the chapter readings. Just wish I came on the site earlier to read this heads up....thanks.
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    Mine is up now. Looks like a lot this 5 wks. Grrrr
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    Quote from ab264102
    Mine is up now. Looks like a lot this 5 wks. Grrrr
    Irritates the life out of me that mine STILL isn't up.
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    Here with all of you! Section 050 STILL not showing in BB- I'm irritated too!
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    Mine isn't up yet either. Now what?
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    It is MOnday 2/18/13, the class is not up yet on blackboard. Everyone whose class is not up, please call tech support 1-740-593-1222 or send an email to [COLOR=#1F497D] bbsupport@ohio.edu. Turns out a number of people are also experiencing the problem, but I think that the more people that writes in, the sooner they will get it done. 1 day makes a huge difference in terms of time for study for those of us who work. If the people at tech support think they may have a week to get this done, we are cooked. They may think we are taking the 1 semester 3 month long class, if so - we are cooked. Let them know it is 5 weeks and that 1 day will make a huge difference. This
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    Last edit by DidiRN on Feb 18, '13
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    Quote from DidiRN

    I tried that email address and it didn't work for me. So I looked online and used this one: servicedesk.ohio.edu. I should have called but just don't have time this am.
    Seems like it's always something!!!
    Disregard my post, they sent me an email and told me to use the one yearn posted. For some reason it wouldn't go through for me
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    2yearrnba: Thanks for your suggestion- I just sent an email to bb support & professor that appears in my "enrollment shopping cart" for this class (K.T.). We'll see what happens next... Anyone else utterly disgusted with this whole circus?

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