Ohio University Online FNP Program 2018 - Need Input!!

  1. Hello,
    I applied to Ohio University's online family nurse practitioner program for Spring 2018. I should receive an answer sometime this month indicating whether or not I was accepted. I am worried though, because I was not selected for an interview. I guess I should not assume- but I thought that if I got an interview, it would have been a good sign, though not a guarantee for admittance. The wait is making me anxious. I thought I was a good candidate for the program (but who doesn't??). Acceptance seems really competitive, which is what I am looking for. Just hope I make it! Has anyone been recently accepted without an interview? For anyone currently in the program or those who have recently graduated, can you give me a review- good things and bad- so I know what to expect? If I'm not accepted, I plan on reapplying as long as I can find some helpful feedback from current students/alumni.