Nutrition Fall 3 Session - page 3

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Is anyone taking this course? I cannot make sense of the format being used. It is difficult to figure out what the assignments are for each week, such as, what chapters are to be read. Does anyone have suggestions for this... Read More

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    Quote from Beautifulyou
    Anyone else feel like they are drowning in nutrition definitions? I think I had a dream about polypeptides last night. I take my exam on the 5th and then my well deserved break begins! Anyone heard how much of the previous chapters (1-5) will be on the test? I have been looking over all of it but figure I should focus more on chapters 6-11. Good luck to everyone!
    I have not heard a word....just to use the study guide. It's nothing BUT definitions!
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    does anyone have the exact IBS number for the text book alone. please if anyone has it or even a pict of it pass it on.