Music Appreciation At WOSC

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    Has anybody taken this class at Western Oklahoma State College? If so, how was it and do you really need the book? Thinking about taking it in the 4th 4 week session. Price is right and can get another elective out of the way.

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    I have signed up to take that class as well the last 4 weeks.
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    I am taking it as well. I took Anthropology there for the 10 day intersession class and we NEEDED the book. I saw one on for pretty cheap.
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    Hi! I thought about taking this too, as I need to knock out the "extras" as well & get them out of the way. What are the actual start & completion dates for this? I thought that it was too late to register from what I saw on website? Was I looking at the wrong thing? Thanks!
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    The 4th 4 week session which offers music starts mid april I believe. You can sign up anytime before the class starts. Did Anthropology there and nutrition in the 10 day intercessions which they no longer offer. This is thru western Oklahoma state college.
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    Woodsyny, you have to let us know how this class is. I plan on taking it at a later time.
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    Is anyone signed up for this class starting tomorrow?
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    I tried to get in and it was too late. I checked 2 weeks ago and there were 7 seats left. I went to sign up and the dang class was full. I really wanted to take this in between terms.
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    I'm in!
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    Me too. Has anyone read the syllabus yet? There are 5 timed quizzes and 1 comprehensive. It doesn't tell how many questions in each quiz or the weight percentage. I don't see any study guide for the quizzes either.

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