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Anyone else new to the program? Can anyone old vets provide some honest feedback on what to expect. I've read several of the post but your feelings at the begining of a class might be different... Read More

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    Quote from ab264102
    Are there any classes that was an absolute waste to get books for?
    One way to save money is to buy the older edition of the assigned text. Generally the changes between the editions are small - often insignificant - but the difference in price is dramatic.

    I did this for nearly every course in the OU curriculum, rarely paid more than $5 or $10 and often paid more for shipping (usually $3.99) than for the book. The one drawback to doing this is that the page numbering often is quite different and the chapters are sometimes named differently. I had good luck contacting the TA and asking for her/him to send me a listing of the chapters from the assigned text, then making a matrix between the two editions. Most TA's were accommodating (I was usually up front in my request in explaining that I was trying to save money). In the rare case that the TA refused to provide information ("Students must use the assigned edition!"), I would simply contact a fellow student with the request.

    Good luck at OU. Despite my many ravings on this board, the RN-BSN program is actually pretty decent and fairly priced.
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    Thank you!
    Quote from EmJeanRN
    My advice:

    1. Keep all books until you are graduated. They make great resource material for other classes.
    2. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
    3. Organize. Get a large wall calendar that you can write on and rub off. It helps keep track of assignments due.
    4. Sticky tab every chapter you are asked to read in your book. Makes for quick reference.
    5. Save everything you write. Discussion boards, papers etc. They may come in handy in another class. Save every citation and reference you use, so that you don't have to look it up later in another class.
    5. If you have access to a printer other than home...print out everything for your class and put it in a binder with plastic sleeves. Helps with organization.
    6. I started the program gung-ho. I am now burned out. Ready to be done. I post poned several classes to take vacation and it just ended up dragging out the agony!!
    7. Do not panic. You will get the hang of citations, discussion boards, writing papers etc. 5 weeks can whiz by and next thing you know you have classes done!
    8. Good luck...we whine and complain and each TA is different. Some classes hated by some...were a breeze for others, and vice versa. Depends on the TA and your efforts as well.
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    I am entering my 6th nursing class. Every book that has been "required", I have needed. So far, the only class requiring more than 1 book has been the ethics class. Otherwise, I have rented my books, usually they cost $20-30 a book. I think that's reasonable.
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    Thank you all. I started today and I have had some technical issues with 4580. Not the way I wanted to start off the program. However, so far it looks do able. I simply must stay on top of assignments.
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    How can you tell which books are required which are optional?
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    I've been renting electronic versions of my books and it is awesome. I have an iPad and I love that I can use the search tool to find what I'm looking for (makes discussion posts much easier). The only classes I couldn't find an e-version for was the first class (an ethics book) and Health Assessment. All other books I used the electronic versions. The rentals are usually good for 6 months.

    I also do no print anything for my classes. I keep track of things using my phone calendar.

    Edit - Also the nutrition book, I did have to purchase that to get the whole bundle that was needed.
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    Quote from shaniarose
    How can you tell which books are required which are optional?
    The only book I haven't purchased (and don't feel like I really need) is the APA book. There are too many good online sources (Purdue Owl and Citation Machine).

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