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    ok thanks....i will try to find something to reference!

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    I don't kno if this is correct, but I referenced our book when it came to the scores.....
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    I referenced our book for one of the assessment tools. Don't kno if that's ok.....
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    Is there anyway someone could email me the mini mental assessment I can't get "corrected" one in the announcements to open.
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    Did anyone else get the emails about the writing standards for the class from buchman?
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    I've never used an introductory paragraph for my discussion boards--maybe a sentence or two, but a whole paragraph? They will get pretty long with an introduction and a closing paragraph! They can't really mean that for discussion boards.
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    Excited to see this thread!
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    The criteria for discussion posts says 1-3 paragraphs approximately 5-15 sentences. Then the announcement said NO MORE than 3 paragraphs. Nothing about the structure of how it needs to b written! If there r specific structure requirements like an introduction n conclusion then it should tell us that.....
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    Quote from zdtgal
    Did anyone else get the emails about the writing standards for the class from buchman?
    I got the exact same email from two different teachers. I wonder if this is just something they are sending out to everyone as a general reference?? I don't know, but since they did not put a reference where they got the letter I am docking them for APA formatting or plagiarizing!!! LOL
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    Between this class and Family, I'm getting really nervous. I have 4 classes to go. I'm working on gen ed courses this semester and not taking a nursing class. But wow, all this makes me thing, do I even want to finish. Why in the world do they have to make is so darn hard?

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