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    Between this class and Family, I'm getting really nervous. I have 4 classes to go. I'm working on gen ed courses this semester and not taking a nursing class. But wow, all this makes me thing, do I even want to finish. Why in the world do they have to make is so darn hard?
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    I hate to say I am "glad" everyone else got the same nasty letter but is do feel better, LOL. I was wondering how my grades were so good yet she was sending ME these nasty emails.
    Anyhow, I keep getting docked .25pts because I do not have a hanging indent with my references. Problem is; when I type in my references for my discussion posts they always show as a single line....does anyone else have this problem?
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    I was just as surprised by that nasty note. I have a 95% in the class. They must not think my posts are that horrible. This whole program annoys me.
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    Assignment 4: My TA posted more info about this assignment. What is the Reminiscing Assessment Tools?
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    So everyone got the nasty annonuncements about how the professor is so disappointed with our assignments??!! She said that obviously we arent reading the announcements when completing our discussion boards or assignments! Any ideas on what brought this on??!! I have a perfect grade in this class so far and have not received any negative feedback! I do feel frustrated with the lack of direction though. I have never been required an intro paragraph or closing paragraph for a DB!
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    Quote from mblou
    Assignment 4: My TA posted more info about this assignment. What is the Reminiscing Assessment Tools?
    I think she is talking about the things listed in the assignment directions
    1. a) Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (Chapter 13; box 13-1, page 211)
    2. b) Brief Pain Inventory (Chapter 16, figure 16-1, page 264)

      At least thats what I got out of it!!
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    Thanks I guess that is what she means. Seems like a lot of work this week for 20 points we need three credible references adn refereed sources other than are book!
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    Has anyone started the week 4 paper, I feel completely lost. I discussed the results of all those assessment tools on the last paper. Do they want the actual too, scanned and included? Other than the poem I have no new information to write 500+ words about-help!!
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    Yeah, I thought the email/announcement was very unprofessional, I think she should have addressed the subject a little more gingerly and contacted the persons she was talking about directly. I think the TA and Professor in this class are generally non-supportive. But whatever, we are almost finished now!
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    I have started it, and no they do not want the tool scanned, just cited and referenced, don't forget too that they want our client to be cited (APA personal communication). My question is, what about this poem? are we supposed to read it to our client and then discuss it in our papers?
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    I referenced the book as well- like this: (Touhy & Jett, 2010, figure 8-4). and she didn't take away points, so I assume it's all good!
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    that's what I'm doing as well, although it took me forever to get it figured out and the TA was no help! It takes out my DB spacing as well- but I haven't gotten any points taken away bc of it.
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    Anyone working on final week 5 paper? There is NO way mine is going to be 3-5 pages! I haven't done my second nursing dx yet and I think I am around 8 pages! How are we supposed to include all the elements they want: intro, clients strengths and weaknesses', needs, review each assessment and the nursing care plan elements w/ references AND use headers and do only 5 pages of body? I realize that doesn't include title or reference pages. Also, how are you doing care plan? Right now I have it with headers and subheaders (3 levels, actually) using bullets to do interventions. Or use as a table? Comments, anyone???