Family Nursing (NRSE 330) summer 2012 - page 34

Well i will be in this class for the summer session, i am hoping this experiencve wil be a positive one.... Read More

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    Quote from rowdy-piper
    I know this is an old thread but I'm posting. I'm starting family in January. If everyone is failing the exam, session after session after session, why the heck doesn't the school fix the language in their tests?
    Well the test were just crazy, with that said we received no curves. This was my absolute worst class at OU. Hopefully they changed it for the better and you don't have the instructor we did.

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    I am taking Family in January also. Tis thread makes me very nervous!!! yikes!!
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    Quote from nursygirls
    I am taking Family in January also. Tis thread makes me very nervous!!! yikes!!
    I'm sitting out OU for spring semester. I hope to take Family next time around. Let us know how it goes and if things have improved.
    Good Luck
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    I'm in for Jan start as well. I always fear the worst but usually end up pleasantly surprised. Worst case scenario-it will be as bad as expected. That is the beauty of the 5 week format. As soon as you think you have reached your limit, it's over and on to the next one. We will get through this one too, and when we look back we will think it wasn't so bad afterall. :-)
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    I'm taking this in January as well. Im already nervous about this class. I guess we shall see

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