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I thought I would start a thread for Diversity. Anyone else taking this in the last session of the fall. Please tell me I'm not alone!!!!... Read More

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    Quote from jodlove
    For week 2 my TA wrote a big thing about how minimal points had been taken off so far for turning assignments in that were not in APA format. She went on to describe APA format ...title page, running head etc..then said everything must be turned in this way. I'm getting ready to submit wk2 3-4 para assignment. Do you think they really want a title, intro, running header etc.. For these little things? Are you all doing that? It seems like overkill!
    I have been doing all of that. I want to keep a good grade so I'm not taking any chances

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    Ugh, I guess I will do it. I have been doing citations and refrences.I just think all the other stuff should be for an essay or paper not for a couple of paragraphs!
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    Directions I received stated: You do not need a title page, running header etc. on discussion boards or assignments that are on worksheets. You will on Word documents.
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    i really have to vent because I'm annoyed. I keep getting points taken off of my discussion board posts because they are not long enough! They are long enough when I do them in word but when I cut and paste them the font changes and she keeps giving me points off. Im beyond ******
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    The TA can make or break a class that's for sure! I think if you always make sure every paragraph has at least 5 sentences and each post has 2-3 paragraphs it would be hard to get dinged for something too short.
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    I am using an old version of the book for this fall semester of Diversity. this weeks assignment is to read chapters 20, 25, and 29. My book does not have chapters 25 and 29. Could someone please tell me the names of all these chapters so I choose the appropriate culture to do my CLAS assignment on?
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    Chapter 20 Haitian Americans
    25Nigerian Americans
    29Amish Americans
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    Anyone get points taken off their DB citation for not including the DOI? I had to laugh because if the reference has one I include it and if it doesn't I don't. It's that simple, am I supposed to make it up?
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    Not much longer!!!!! A week and a half to go!! We CAN DO THIS!!!!!
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    Quote from mom2boys12
    Not much longer!!!!! A week and a half to go!! We CAN DO THIS!!!!!
    Yes we can!!!! Hello winter break!!!!!!!

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