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I'm sure most of you have received this email from OU but for anyone who hasn't it's important information: 1. Ohio University has decided that all summer courses must end by August 11th as a result of the transition... Read More

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    Quote from mtsteelhorse
    I don't have a class to take the first session so I may take stats elsewhere. 2nd session I take Family. Fall I take 4550, Evidence Based Nursing. 5 courses to go after this session!
    I am also taking Family 2nd summer session then the 4550, 4580, 4520 and 4600 together. I was going to take 310 and 325 before they combine but decided to just wait. I'm taking Stats and community now. I'm exhausted!!! Can't wait for this 5 weeks to be done!!
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    Is it possible to test out of any of the classes? I haven't read anything in any information from OU. But have seen posts talking about testing out of Health Apprisal. Have any of you done that?
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    I see you post a lot and wondered what your thoughts are on the Ethical & Legal Issues class.
    Wondering how time consuming it is!
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    The ethical and legal class is easy and not time consuming. I tested out of health appraisal. I bought the book and studied about a week or so before the test. There is also a website to take practice quizzes listed in the front of the book.