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Hello everyone! I live in Southeastern Michigan and I'm considering the direct-entry MSN program at the University of Toledo. (My bachelor's degree is in accounting.) I am currently working on a broad range of... Read More

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    I am a graduate of the UT (GEMINI) now CNL program. I graduated in 2007, before it changed to the CNL program, but I believe the curriculum is generally the same (from what I see on their website). Let me know if anyone has any questions

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    I guess the obvious question is, how did you like the program? Glad you went and recommend it? I am thinking about doing a masters program or maybe just doing PA. I'd like to end up as a PA or NP. I know they a few bachelors in another field through NP programs now, like at Yale and univ of IL Chicago. Decisions decisions. : ) Thanks for your future comments. I look forward to your feedback.
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    Overall, I enjoyed the program very much. The faculty is amazing and always willing to help out. I was a biology major in college, so I did not find the program to be hard, but it was A LOT of work. I do not recommend trying to work and do this program at the same time. I have never had trouble finding a job and many of my classmates are enrolled in NP/CRNA programs. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a degree and is looking to do work in nursing.

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