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Hello everyone! I live in Southeastern Michigan and I'm considering the direct-entry MSN program at the University of Toledo. (My bachelor's degree is in accounting.) I am currently working on... Read More

  1. by   LBIHN
    Yes, its just that I have been out of work for nearly a year. I got in the accel. BSN at U-Akron. It is 15 months and starts this Monday. I could not justify another $15K tuition (=more student loans to take out) and probably roughly $30K I would lose not working the extra 9 months that the program runs past the U-Akron one (total = $45K ). I think it would take me another 8-10 years to make that money up and break even, that is IF I got a leadership position after 5-10 years as an RN. Plus I think I want to be an NP or an NA, and I don't think much of the Master's coursework of the CNL would carry over. The sooner I am an RN and get some time in, the sooner I can apply and get in to a program. I would have to essentially do another Master's for either one. Believe me, it was VERY tough to come to this decision, but this recession has really kicked my butt financially and I need to get in and out fast to keep my house. Sorry gang . I do hope you all get in one way or another though.
  2. by   creativetype2007
    I was talking to U of T the other day and I thought the woman told me it was an 18 month program. Was that not accurate? Also, it sounds like not many people even use the CNL part and just use the RN and then go onto NP. The CLN is optional out in the real world if you ever want to use it. It's a seperate cert that you have the option to take.

    How much is UT in state?

    It's great you have choices either way!
  3. by   LBIHN
    Did anyone hear back yet?
  4. by   rrkeni
    I'm on the wait list. Anyone on wait list two? I f you didn't get areply in the mail it's best to call the school chances are that you're on the wait list. If you were denied, you would have gotten letter stating that. Anyways, what good is the wait list? I knew I shouldhave submitted my application package sooner than feb the first. It took them until march to process mine. Does anyone knows if being on the waitlist at UT is positive?
  5. by   creativetype2007
    Of course it is positive, there are probably MANY who didn't get on it at all. Not everyone excepts their invite so stay positive and follow up with them without annoying them. Can I ask how your GRE scores were? I am thinking about applying their for next year. Thank you and my fingers will be crossed for you to get in!!!
  6. by   rrkeni
    I have a master's degree in public health so I doubt if my GRE were considered. I didnot dothat well on the. Writing 4, mathl I think 489,verbal 480 or somthing like that. I don't quite remember. I had a 3.5 on my pre-requisites and I had taken courses like microbiology, organic chemeistry I&II, physics, statistics etc. The wait list is good if one actually gets called in but if no one gives up their spot then it's aggravating to know you have what it takes to get in and you didn't and the following year you have to reapply.I don't like the fact that there are no guarantees at all. I have till August the 18th to know if I'll be in or not. So how do I prepare? Am I in or not. Plus, I thing there are other people ahead of me on the list so nothing is certain. School starts on the 24th of august.
  7. by   creativetype2007
    I am going to be in the same position next year. We both have degrees in other fields and I have come to accept that going into the nursing field today is VERY competitive and I wish i could have realized this was something I wanted to do even 5 years ago, there was no compitition. For me, even though I prefer to get the BSN or MSN in nursing, I am purposely taking probably 4 extra classes to qualify for my local Associates program just in case which I know I'd get into. And you MUST apply to as many schools as you can so you have options and don't pin all your hopes on one school. Not sure if you did that but that is also key in my humble opinion. Lastly, GPA's have gone way way up. At my local community college, the cut off to get in was a 3.77. That to me is just crazy but that is what we are dealing with now with this crappy economy and everyone wanting to go back to school to be an RN.
  8. by   rrkeni
    Is anyone here on the wait list or was on the waitlist but was recently admitted? Please let me know.
  9. by   nes01
    I am a graduate of the UT (GEMINI) now CNL program. I graduated in 2007, before it changed to the CNL program, but I believe the curriculum is generally the same (from what I see on their website). Let me know if anyone has any questions
  10. by   creativetype2007
    I guess the obvious question is, how did you like the program? Glad you went and recommend it? I am thinking about doing a masters program or maybe just doing PA. I'd like to end up as a PA or NP. I know they a few bachelors in another field through NP programs now, like at Yale and univ of IL Chicago. Decisions decisions. : ) Thanks for your future comments. I look forward to your feedback.
  11. by   nes01
    Overall, I enjoyed the program very much. The faculty is amazing and always willing to help out. I was a biology major in college, so I did not find the program to be hard, but it was A LOT of work. I do not recommend trying to work and do this program at the same time. I have never had trouble finding a job and many of my classmates are enrolled in NP/CRNA programs. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a degree and is looking to do work in nursing.

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