University of Cincinnati Accelerated program and job outlook

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    Hi allI'm mostly a lurker but have been interested in nursing for a few years now. I am currently a SAHM and plan on returning to school in 2014 for either nursing or M.S. Genetic Counseling. Can anyone give updated information regarding class schedule times now that UC is on semesters? My son will be in school full time so I'm thinking for him I may need before/after school child care most days. My daughter will be in traditional child care. I have the class schedule but not sure of how the times are?Also, a lot of my friends are saying its hard to get a job in nursing in this area right now. I won't be able to go outside of the cinti area for employment. Does anyone know how long it's taking new grads to get jobs & what they are starting out in for B.S.N.?Thanks!

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    Moved to Ohio State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    Hi, I know you said you have to stay in Cincy but new grads in the Middletown area earn around $23.00 per hour on day shift. You can go to UC's website and enter in the classes you would like to take and it will give you an idea of how your schedule will go.

    Good Luck

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