Univ of Akron student fed up need help!

  1. I've been attending univ of akron for 3 semesters now just really tired of their games. Can't seem to get into the classes I need and want and now about to go into 4th semester and wont have all of my prereqs donew for their nursing college preadmin yet arghh. also i had to originally drop organic chemistry as it was too hard since it had been years since i took a general chemistry class yet my advisor said id do fine and didnt even with daily help from a tutor to help me learn gen chemistry. schools about to start up and have no idea what to do fed up taking general ed classes and tyhey told me id never get into the nursing college since i dropped it once id only be put into the secondary pool once i met all their class requirements. Just tired of being jerked around I'm a hard working student who takes my education seriously. What should I do??? get a lpn or adn program somewhere? starting to look into fortis and herzing since i'm in akron area. end result i want at bsn rn but whats the best way to do it without breaking the bank? I have plenty of time and i am elgible for the pell grant and whatever finacial aid i need. I just want to get actual footwork done on getting towards my end goal primarily I just want my quickest way to my assoc degree rn and pass my nclex then work on bachelors and masters from there.
    Thanks for reading!!
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  3. by   badtz_maru
    I haven't heard many good things about Fortis. Plus, I would recommend the RN route (esp BSN since many hospitals are requesting the BSN nowadays). I have seen LPN programs that were more expensive than my BSN program!

    What about Kent State or one of the regional campuses? If you still want the ASN, the Twinsburg campus has a program. I have heard good things about Stark State's program as well.

    Good luck.