UC Accelerated MSN Spring Cohort 2011

  1. Hello everyone,

    I was recently accepted into the University of Cincinnati's Accelerated MSN program for the spring 2011 cohort. I was wondering if there were any other people out there that have been accepted as well and if any past or current students can tell me what to expect with the program. For those that have already graduated, how difficult was it to find employment in the local hospitals as a new grad, specifically in ER or ICU departments because I am interested in the Nurse Anesthesia program for the masters portion.
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  3. by   foreverLaur
    It is hard to find new grad jobs in general, especially in ICU. For CRNA you will need to be in an ICU. You can't learn what you need to learn outside of an ICU. You're best bet would be to find a hospital that has an internship or residency program for new grads in an ICU. Otherwise, you'll have a very tough time. Most new grad nurses I know are struggling to find ANY job. Get your feet wet first before diving into ICU, IMO. Plus, most CRNA programs require 1-2 years experience minimum, some CCRN. On average, students have 5+ years ICU experience before tackling CRNA. You have people's lives in your hands. Don't rush.
  4. by   kaa3418
    Thank you! I will keep that in mind. Did you attend the UC Accelerated nursing program? If so how did you like it and when did you begin your post-grad job search?
  5. by   foreverLaur
    I'm not a nurse yet and I'm not attending UC. I live in Columbus. I just have a lot of friends that are nurses, including one that graduated in January 2009 and is still trying to get an ICU job and quite a few who are still trying to get any job.
  6. by   log562
    Do they accept you into crna when they accept you into the accelerated msn program and hold a spot for you while you complete your icu experience, or do you have to apply a 2nd time for the crna program?