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Hi All, I was looking for fellow students that will be starting the nursing program in the Fall of 2011. I am excited :yeah:about starting and just looking for others who I might be in class... Read More

  1. by   AgentBeast
    With the grading the scale the way it is (>91% A, >84% B, 75% C <75% F) and with so few points (200 in 1300 and 300 in 1450) it is borderline impossible to get A's in 1300 and 1450. Not with out a huge commitment in time outside of class. You can miss only 18 questions in 1300 and still get an A 27 in 1450. The courses are unlike any other courses you have likely ever taken. The test questions are asked in NCLEX format and style. There are other questions such as who is at the highest risk for falls, who's at the highest risk for developing heart disease, who's at highest risk for drug toxicity, what stage of grieving is patient X at. These are all types of questions you'll be asked in 1450. 1300 is a little more straight forward.
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  2. by   AgentBeast
    We had a question like that in our 1300 class (Assessment.) I do believe combing the hair was the actual correct answer for our question too. Somehow I got it correct.
  3. by   foreverLaur
    I put washing your hair. Based on a personal experience with my grandmother and many years working in the hospital, it is a lot easier to comb your hair than wash your hair . If I don't figure out the logic behind these questions, I am going to be in trouble!
  4. by   rrmitch2000
    As for working fulltime while doing tri c ....good luck. I have a ba in english from OSU summa cum laude, a masters from kent and all A s in my pre reqs in tri c. I have never gotten a B in my life. With the ridiculous grading scale, the crazy questions etc and the minuscule amount of points in each A is almost impossible as Scott says. Hate to be a downer, but it will be hard for you. School has always come easy to me and this semester was a nail biter to the end.

    Foreverlaur...took me nearly an entire semester to get these questions down. You are like me -- overthinking. Take the questions at face value as if there are no other variables involved. In fact, you have to pretend like you are stupid for some of the questions...because they are often improperly worded etc.

    Good luck and keep us posted
  5. by   foreverLaur
    rrmitch2000, good to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! My previous health care experience certainly helps in clinicals but I feel like it REALLY hurts me on the exams because it is so hard to approach things from such a simple angle. Those with no health care experience are doing far better on the exams than those of us with health care experience. Hopefully it gets better later on when we're expected to know more .

    Working full-time + nursing school is awful. Doable, but awful. Like others have said, As are nearly impossible. I am desperately trying to find enough funding to only work part-time.

    I don't remember - does Tri-C have a "online" track? CSCC lets those with a bachelors degree only attend campus 1 day a week for lab and 1 day a week for clinical. Our lectures and seminars are online and we go to the testing center for our exams and have a 3 day window to do so. That's what I am switching to next quarter and I have heard it makes it MUCH easier to manage full time school + full time work when you aren't in class all the time.
  6. by   AgentBeast
    Nope, no Online at Tri-C although you spend less and less time in lecture each semester. The key to answering NCLEX style questions is learning the rules that govern them. The answer is always going to be something a nurse can do, it's always the person who fell most recently, the person who smokes, ect. Some of my best exam scores came when I didn't study a thing and literally just showed up read the question and threw out an answer. Sometimes the answer was right in the question.
  7. by   rrmitch2000 would be nice for those of us with previous degrees...foreverlaur...yes, my work as a nursing assistant bit me in the butt many times on exams...just study your book and pretend you know nothing, because surely you have seen that theory and practice are not always on the same page!
    .... the questions when there is no right answer...again play stupid. DONT OVERTHINK...even when the right answer is wrong. Critical thinking at its finest!
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  8. by   foreverLaur
    Geez. I hope I get this under wraps soon!! The questions are so silly!

    Our program is:
    1st quarter - assessment is 5 hours, clinical course is 7 hours
    2nd quarter - clinical is 14 hours, skills class is 4 hours, pharmacology is 2 hours
    3rd quarter - clinical is 14 hours, skills class is 4 hours, pharmacology is 2 hours
    4th quarter - clinical is 14 hours
    5th quarter - clinical is 14 hours
    6th quarter - clinical is 14 hours
    7th quarter - clinical is 20 hours

    clinical includes actual clinical, lecture, and seminar
    skills include lecture and lab
    each is per week
    each quarter is 10 weeks
    program is 21 months in length (continuous)

    so 2nd and 3rd quarters stink the most, then it gets much easier!!
  9. by   AgentBeast
    Hahaha, yeah that question sucked. In fact that entire test sucked. That was the developmental, legal, nutrition ect exam I believe. I didn't do so hot on that one. I still passed somehow but not by much. My grades looked like a roller coaster. I'd get a 40 something on one test mid 30's on the next, 40 on the next test, back into the mid 30's. Luckily I got 9/9 on the quizzes and I pulled a 63/69 out of my rear end on the 1450 final and managed a B.

    I believe the worst part of it is the "Select All That Apply" questions. I only got one of those correct the entire semester. The "Which Nursing diagnosis applies" question.

    Depending on how thing go next semester I might continue my strategy for the last few exams in 1300 and 1450. In addition to not studying I would drink unreasonable amounts of beer the night before the exams. I do remember reading somewhere that alcohol kills the weakest brain cells first. Maybe that was an episode of The Simpsons. Either way. Whatever works for you. Just gotta make it through the remaining 3 semesters, and then well another year for a BSN.
  10. by   dianah

    due to possible copyright infringement and
    to prevent giving out answers to those who have not taken the test,

    PLEASE do not post any test questions on this (very public) BB.

    Thank you.
  11. by   rrmitch2000 sample question was very loosely paraphrased so I am sure no copyright infringement was committed. We don't get our tests back so none of our questions in this thread would be verbatim.

    For the new students and others struggling with these questions, get a copy of fundamentals success by Nugent. This book will teach you how to dissect these questions and think appropriately to answer the questions properly.
  12. by   AgentBeast
    If we didn't post test questions and/or material of a questionable nature a large number of staff would be out of a job.
  13. by   dianah
    Quote from ScottE
    If we didn't post test questions and/or material of a questionable nature a large number of staff would be out of a job.

    It is quite helpful to the volunteer staff to have members who read, comprehend and comply with the Terms of Service.

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