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Hi All, I was looking for fellow students that will be starting the nursing program in the Fall of 2011. I am excited :yeah:about starting and just looking for others who I might be in class with. If anyone has any... Read More

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    There are a lot of things to get done before starting the program. I need to get started now because June will be here before we know and that is when everything is due. I signed up for CPR already and now I guess I need to get shot records and shots done.

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    Did you take english 1020 at tri-c? If so, is there alot of coursework in that class? I'm thinking about taking it over the summer online.
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    I took 1020 on-line a couple semesters ago. It was pretty easy just drama and poetry, nothing too intense. I also was working part-time and taking a Hybrid Algebra and Psych and I didn't have any trouble.
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    I am taking that this summer so I have no insight as of yet. @Lee, can you inbox me your professor for 1020? Thanks
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    Thanks guys!
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    They forced me to take 1020 even though I had 5000 level English course work from a previous degree. You read poetry for the first 5 weeks or so then the second 5 weeks you read Drama. You'll write a few papers, but the major paper for the semester is the research paper that you write. Other than that the class isn't hard. It's an easy A if you write reasonably well, and the stuff you write makes sense.
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    Thanks for the info Scott!
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    I can't send a private message because I only have 13 posts. fyi I signed out "Sound and Sense" from a Cuyahoga County library, you don't need "Rules for Writers", you can get all MLA info on-line, and she uses the "Compact Bedford Intro to Drama" but you really just need the plays listed on her syllabus which you can get those from the library as well (if your trying to save money). I am on a tight budget so I like to find the cheapest book options.
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    Those of you starting the days program at Metro this fall will be very happy with your 1300/1450 lecture instructor. She was my clinical instructor this semester, but taught 1300/1450 at the Westshore campus. She might seem mean at first, but she's not mean at all. If you show up and listen to exactly what she says you'll do really really well. Plus I heard through the grapevine that 1300 will have two 50 minute lectures a week as opposed to the one 50 minute lecture we had this semester.
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    I can't believe orientation is Wed. I am excited but nervous at the same time. I've wanted to do this for so long and now it is only a couple months away!

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