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  1. A while ago I posted asking about the nursing program application process at Tri-C. I just wanted to update that I received acceptance into the Spring 2010 semester . The process was actually pretty fast. I am very excited. Hope to hear from others that will also start at Tri-C in the Spring.

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  3. by   barleany78
    Congrats! Do you know when their deadline is for the Spring 2010 class?
  4. by   NewStart2012
    Thanks, Barleany78. There is no deadline. Their process is first come first serve as long as you meet their requirements. Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.

  5. by   barleany78
    Thanks for the quick answer! I just feel so overwhelmed since I'm trying to apply to as many schools as I can in case I don't accepted to some, so I'll have other options. When you applied to Tri-C, did you have to fill out the separate "Health Careers Application" too? I didn't see it on the nursing page, but came across it by mistake on some other degree. I would assume I would have to fill it out too.

    Ok, I'll with all the questions =) Thanks so much for your help.
  6. by   barleany78
    Ok, last question....forgot to add this. What campus did you apply at? (the eastern, metro or western?)

    Thanks again!
  7. by   NewStart2012
    Hi. I understand being overwhelmed. It took me a while before I could finish the pre-reqs because I had to start with the lowest math. What other schools are you thinking about applying?

    Did you take the NET yet? I had to take the pre-reqs at Tri-C before I could take the NET and apply to the program. I did not have to fill out the Health Careers Application. The actual nursing application is sent to you after they receive the scores from the NET. Here is a link to their information packet. (Mods: Let me know if this is not allowed)
    Just copy and paste if you have trouble opening it. Hope it works for you.
    To answer your last question, the nursing program application/process is trough the metro campus.

    Good Luck!
  8. by   MM2794
    Congrats on your acceptance!!

    I am also hoping for Spring 2010 entrance to Tri-C's program. I just finished the pre-reqs a few days ago and am waiting for my grades to be posted to call the nursing department so they can "review my record" and send me the information about the NET.

    How long did it take for them to look over your record after you finished the pre-req's?

    The NET is booked until Oct. 17th so I am paying extra to take it at a testing center in Westlake sooner- which is fine with Tri-C - but I don't want to book it too soon. I am worried if they haven't looked over and okayed my record yet they may not accept the score - grades are supposed to be posted tomorrow. I was hoping to take it before the next group of Tri-C students take the test on August 15th.

    Hopefully, if all goes well they will look over everything quickly and I can take my test by the end of Aug. If all goes well and they are still accepting for Spring 2010 then I will be joining you for orientation!! (knock on wood)

    Which program are you doing? The day or evening/weekend?

    Sorry such a long post - just excited to see someone else from the area on here. Haven't found much about Tri-C on here!
  9. by   SA2009
    Hi MM2794,

    I have just finished my prereqs as well and would like to take the NET asap. You mentioned that you are taking it in Westlake... Who do I contact that get it schedule there? I really would appreciate the information as I am having a hard time reaching anyone at Tri-C at this time.

  10. by   MM2794
    Hi SA,

    It is very hard to get a hold of anyone in the nursing department. I love how when you call it just tells you "due to high call volume..." and disconnects you. I really found out about the Pearson Vue testing option by accident. I'm glad I did because I do not want to wait until October to take the NET!

    To schedule the NET on your own time, you have to call and register with Educational Resources, Inc at 1-800-292-2273 and pay $100 and they will give you a password/ID. Once you have that, you can schedule the test at any Pearson Vue testing location. The closest to me is Westlake, but there is one in Beachwood and Akron. You can visit and schedule the NET online (or the number given on that website to schedule by phone). Once you visit that website it will give you more information. I haven't done this yet, but that's the process as I understand it so far.

    I spoke to the nursing department the other day and they said I could schedule the test whenever, but if I haven't had my record reviewed then the grade from my NET will have nowhere to "upload" to and I may have pay an extra fee to have the grades sent after I take the test. Not sure if you just finished your pre-reqs this summer or not, but if so, you may be in the same boat. I'm tempted to just schedule it and take the chance. Grades should be posted any day now, and it takes a week or two at most to have the records reviewed by them.

    Let me know if you have any questions - not sure if I was very clear in my explanation.

  11. by   SA2009
    Hi MM,

    Thank you so much for your explanation, and yes, we are in the same boat. I have just finished my prereqs and the grades should be posted "late Thu/Fri" according to the Tri-C Customer Service. I will definitely schedule myself for the NET as soon as I get my appointment with the nursing program for record review. Do you know how far out the appointments are to review our records? You would think that the process is made less cumbersome as nurses are so much need, but I guess, we'll just have to go with the flow.

    We really should stay in touch and exchange info as it comes along. Are you taking any classes in Fall? I'm taking Microbiology (in AM) and A&P II (online).

    Again, your info is really appreciated!!
  12. by   NewStart2012
    hi mm2794,
    how cool to see other people from the area. when i first joined i searched for tri-c, but like you said there is not a whole lot of info about it here.
    what i did before i finished my pre-reqs in may was to schedule the net through ,it was a chance that i took. when my grades posted i called the nursing dept. and they just sent me the letter giving me instructions on how to register for the net. it took less than a week for the letter, but if i were you i would schedule it now if you know that you will pass whatever class you just finished. i took the net on june 28 and a week later received the results, the day after that i received the letter from tri-c with the application and i mailed it in right away. about two weeks after sending it i received official acceptance into the day program.
    did you get the study guide for the net? that helped me a lot. you should schedule the net with the testing center in westlake. hopefully i will meet you in orientation.
    good luck and keep us posted!!! i am happy to answer any questions that you have.
  13. by   SA2009
    hi newstart2010,

    thanks for giving us an approximation on the time frame. with not having been accepted yet, we are "in limbo;" no one knows much about the nursing program to give us any detailed info and the nursing department does not really want to talk to us because we're not in the program yet...

    regretfully, the net exams through erieworld are full through 10/17, so i will go with and pay the extra.

    do we need anything specific for the first semester besides scrubs? i assume we'll have to do a cpr class and get our vaccinations up to date, correct?

    thanks for all the info... it is really appreciated.

  14. by   SA2009
    Oh, NewStart 2010, what was your study guide? I pulled something off the internet, but did you use a book?