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A while ago I posted asking about the nursing program application process at Tri-C. I just wanted to update that I received acceptance into the Spring 2010 semester :D. The process was actually... Read More

  1. by   sheeroo
    Congrats NewStart2010. I just got my acceptance letter yesterday for Spring 2010. Can't wait to get started.
  2. by   shamise18

    Congrats on getting into the spring program. That's what I am hoping for as well. How was the NET test? Any advice you can give on what I should really be studying for?
  3. by   sheeroo
    Thanks shamise18. The NET wasn't that bad. It depends on how you are at taking standardized tests. I just got a couple of books out from the library and kept doing the math and reading comp sections. Then only real problem I had in math was percentages, basic algebra was fine. There really is no way to study for reading comp except by doing passage after passage. Good luck to you hopefully I'll see you in the spring!
  4. by   NewStart2012
    Quote from shamise18
    Hello. I'm new to this site and like many of you hoping to get into the nursing program. I'm scheduled to take my NET exam on the 19th. From what I've found on here, the reading part has ended up being harder. Is that true? Also, do you know how far in math they test? Is it just basic algebra? Thanks for your help
    Hi Shamise18, for me the reading part was definitely harder than the math. There is some basic algebra. Good luck on the NET.

  5. by   NewStart2012
    Quote from sheeroo
    Congrats NewStart2010. I just got my acceptance letter yesterday for Spring 2010. Can't wait to get started.

    Hi Sheeroo,

    I am sad to say that I had to change my start term to Fall 2010. I just don't think that I am ready to start in January due to some things that I need to take care of.

  6. by   shamise18
    Sheeroo and Newstart2010,

    Thank you both for replying and giving me the info. Hopefully I will pass and see you both in the spring.
  7. by   SA2009
    Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to pass along this information. Applications are only sent out once a month, which means you might want to call before paying $100 for scheduling the NET early, which happened to me. So, the applications have just been sent out for the end of Aug and the next group will be sent out at the end of this month. I just missed it as I took the NET on Aug 28. So, as I wished that someone would have told me before as I scheduled the NET three weeks in advance, I'm passing this info along.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  8. by   Hardy6
    I had an interesting experience. I had taken the NET previously about 4 years ago and everything I needed was taken care of (all of the pre-req's) but they changed the Math from 1141 to 1200. I took 1200 over the summer, called the nursing dept, confirmed my request via e mail, and waited for the application. I received my letter in August telling me I was eligible to take the NET test. I called but was told that I have to wait until the letters go out again in September. I'm now patiently waiting and hoping I get the correct letter this month. I was scheduled to take the LPN course beginning this Fall and the same thing happened to me with receiving the wrong letter last fall. I'm really looking forward to the RN program and can't wait to get my letter. It looks like Spring is filled.
  9. by   MM2794
    Hi SA2009,

    I was upset to find out the same information that you did after calling to check out the status of my letter after taking the NET. It would have been nice to find that out earlier!

    Anyways, I received my acceptance to the Fall semester shortly after getting my letter and mailing it in and was resigned to starting in the fall.

    I was married and then on my honeymoon and came back to a message that a spot had opened up in the Parma Hospital program for Spring!! So it looks like it may have been worth it after all because we must be at the top of the list BEFORE the others that took the NET in September.

    Just wanted to let you know not to lose hope yet - maybe you already got a call too?? If not, I can't see how it would hurt to call and check? I actually missed the call being out of the country and thought I missed my chance (they told me to call by noon the next day). I called right away and left a message and she was still able to squeeze me in.

    Anyone have any info on the Parma Hospital program for Tri-C? Normally you are supposed to be an employee there and then sign a contract - but I will just be paying tuition like normal but taking the classes there, I guess. Still waiting for my packet in the mail...
  10. by   SA2009
    Good Morning MM2794,

    Yes, I got a call too.... just last Friday, I was told that a slot came open and I could start in Spring 2009. I'm so excited. Do you have orientation on Dec 1 as well? A friend of my who is in the 1st semester of the nursing program advised to buy the books early and start studying right away, as they start classes "running" and it is a lot of info.

    About the Parma program, I worked at PGH for a few years in medical transcription and I have heard that their nursing program is very good (actually I was on their list to get into nursing, but I had to leave the country, so I did not take that opportunity). As far as I know, they have very high standards but also provide the support needed for students and newbies.

  11. by   MM2794
    That's great! I'm so glad we both made it into spring! Although I was mentally preparing myself for fall and had talked myself into the fact that it would be better - BUT - I am soooo excited to start early!

    Thanks for the info about buying the books early. Did you get the registration packet yet? Is there a list somewhere of the books we need for the classes?

    My only concern about the Parma program is that I will probably be with a lot of students who are patient care assistants and I will be behind already because I have no experience at all.

    I have orientation on December 2 at Parma Hospital. Are you going to the Metro program then?
  12. by   SA2009
    Yes, I'm in the Metro Program. I was too mentally prepared to start in Fall, registered for classes in Spring and everything well planned out for next year... but hey, I'm flexible

    I looked up the courses according to what we have to take for the first semester. Then I went to the which is the website for the bookstore where you enter the campus, course name and CRN number, and you can get a list of books required and recommended. Our books, used, come up to approximately $500, and we still need tennis shoes (mostly white) and a wrist watch. I'm not sure where the uniform figures in, but I assume we'll pay for them as well. Now, I know Parma went color-coded a few years back, which means certain departments wear certain color uniforms, but I'm sure they'll tell us all that during orientation. I'm also very, very excited and can't wait for this semester to be over.

    Will you then be taking all your clinicals at Parma?
  13. by   Hardy6
    I got the call also to start in the spring at Parma but I've already planned my life around starting in the Fall so I'll just wait. My daughter is starting LPN school in the spring and I promised to be her babysitter until I start in the Fall. Let me know how orientation goes etc.

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