Toledo school of practical nursing

  1. Hi.. I've been accepted for the January class at TSPN. Wondering if anyone has any info on this school? Did you like it there? Also wondering what the scheduling was like (I'm in the day class). Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   mama2boyz
    I've never heard of it...I'd be interested in more info though! How much does it cost? How long is the program? etc.

    I'm currently working on prereqs at Owens, but due to financial concerns, I may have to drop out. Would love to find a more affordable option to still pursue my dream of being an RN (even if it means becoming an LPN first)
  4. by   MISSALISSA777
    I think it's like $11000. Its a year long program. There aren't prereqs, you just have to take the NET, which I thought was pretty easy. The reason I chose this route is because of the long wait lists in Michigan. I figured I"d save time by doing this first, then go into a bridge program. Hope that helps!
  5. by   nina4nursing
    Finally I am screaming in excitement in my living room. We are going to be classmates.
    I am also in the January class at TSPN in Toledo OH. I am also in the day class.
    Have you recieved your packet with the orientation information? If not they told me
    that it should arrive in September which I have been watching my mail for daily.
    Are u already certified as an aide or do u have to take their course? I am already
    certified so I will be going directly into the program. I would love to talk more as I also
    am in Michigan.

  6. by   MISSALISSA777
    Hey Nina!! I'm soooo glad I finally found someone who is starting here as well! I haven't received my orientation packet yet either. I called last week and she also told me sometime in September. They wait till the September class starts and get things rolling for the January class. I also applied to PSI in Toledo, I got in, but was told that I wouldn't start till January or even April. So I decided to stick with TSPN. I have to take the CNA course. I'm a certified medical assistant but apparently that counts for nothing lol. Where did you take your CNA cert? I'm wondering if I have to pay for their course or if I can use financial aid.. I forgot to ask. I'm getting excited! Where are you from? I'm in Southgate Mi. I'm glad we're going to be classmates!!!
  7. by   nina4nursing
    I took my cna through Athena Career Academy in Monroe Mi which is where I am located.
    Please let me know when you recieve your packet and I will do the same. I take it the school
    has told you not to apply for financial aid yet. Are you studying in preperation for school yet?
    And what are your travel plans? It is good to know your a MA as you already have experience
    with injections and blood draws. That is one of the areas as a CNA that I am lacking.
  8. by   MISSALISSA777
    I'll for sure let you know when I receive it..Hopefully it's soon! How much did it cost to do the CNA course through Athena? They haven't really told me anything about financial aid yet, basically just to wait till I receive the info in the mail. It takes me about 45 minutes to get there from here. Not too bad I guess. You're a lot closer being in Monroe! I'm hoping being an MA will help, but to be honest I'm as scared as I am excited! Don't worry too much about injections and blood draws... It's pretty straight forward. The only bad thing in my MA class was the practicing on each other part lol. Talk to you soon!
  9. by   nina4nursing
    As far as Athena my local mi works office helped me pay for mine. If you take their
    class straight out it is expensive in the neighborhood of $2,000.00 Our community college
    has a class for $600.00 but a waitlist. So at $500.00 for TSPN it not such a bad deal after
    all I guess, however I wonder if your certification is done in Ohio if you will be able to use it
    in Michigan or if you would have to test out in Michigan if you desire to be a CNA and get a
    job up here during school.

  10. by   nina4nursing
    Hey I sent you a private mesage. I recieved my orientation packet today.
    Orientation is Oct 17, 2009. Hope you get your letter soon.

  11. by   MISSALISSA777
    Yea for some reason I can't reply to pm's.. I dunno why! Yes I received mine today! I'm excited... Do you also need to take the CPR class and all that? I have to take that and the CNA course.. My letter says to be there on the 21st though???
  12. by   nina4nursing
    OMG! I am so sorry I must have been so excited that I put the wrong date.
    The correct date is: October 21 @ 1pm. I am already CPR trained but not
    for infant only adult and child throught the group home I am employed with.
    As far as first aid I am certified in it but again only through the group home
    so I don't know if they will accept it, plus it might be a good idea to just
    take it anyhow especially since I am out of state.
    I am already a CNA in Michigan so that will be ok. As far as the computer
    course I need to find out what qualifies as basic if not then I will probally
    just pay for it and again take it anyhow.
    So now we play the waiting game again, another 30 days till we get more info.
    If you want to study anatomy early check out the website Anatomy Arcade.
    Someone on allnurses mentioned it and I checked it out today and it is great.

  13. by   MISSALISSA777
    That's ok! I was thinking maybe they added more than one date or something! I'm glad we'll be going to the same one. I have to pretty much take everything. Hopefully I won't have to take the computer class, I've taken like 4 of them at Baker college. I'll check out that website thanks! It's been a couple years since I took Anat and phys 1 and 2, so a refresher will be a good thing! Well I will see you on the 21st!!
  14. by   MISSALISSA777
    Hey! So what did you think of orientation? I didn't really talk to anyone today, I was a bit more nervous than I thought I would be haha, no clue why... Anyway, I go back the 27th for financial aid and stuff.. And of course I have to take the CNA class... Do you have a facebook or myspace? TTYL!