toledo hospital critical care nursing residency

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    hi everyone,

    i was just wondering if anyone else applied to this residency. good luck to us all

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    I applied and recently got accepted into the program! I believe they're continuing to give out offers slowly. Have you heard anything? Good luck!
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    i had an interview for this last thursday, and i was just wondering, how long did it take for them to get back to you after your interview?
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    It's a two interview process. First interview I met with the director and HR recruiter. Then I had a panel interview with the ICU directors. My second interview was last Thursday. I got the offer the next day. But I know they're still slowly giving out offers. Good luck! I accepted my offer today an maybe we'll be in the same cohort!
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    i met with the director and the nurse recruiter but was not scheduled for a panel interview. i think i was too nervous. oh well. anyway, congratulations and good luck =)
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    Thanks! Good luck with your job search!

    murse52 - were you there at HR at 10:30am for your interview?
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    no I was there at 130 and I just had another interview with the administrative director today!
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    Sorry, I was guessing from your name, that you're a male nurse. I had interviewed on Thursday at 10:30am and met another guy who was interviewing too and I thought it would be such a coincidence!

    Anyway, good luck - I hope things move forward for you!
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    I was thinking about applying to the nurse residency program at toledo hospital... What kind of incentive do you get for signing the 2yr contract? What is the starting pay?

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