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STNA skills test HELP!!!!!!!!in Ohio

  1. 0 Hi Everyone! I am new to this site. I hope that everyone is having a good day! I need some help and can't seem to find the answer that I am looking for. I just took my STNA exam yesterday and I am pretty confident that I passed except I know that I missed one critical step on one of the skills. My question is can you miss any of the critical steps and how many of them and still pass? I probably won't find out if I passed until Tuesday because tomorrow is President's Day and I am pretty sure that the state office is closed. So i am stressed out thinking about this and hope that someone can answer me so that i can quit stressing. I know that it says that you have to get a 80% to pass the exam, but i also know I missed a critical step so I am just wondering. To anyone that can please answer this I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you
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    Any steps that are in bold in the red book - the critical steps - cannot be missed. Sorry. You can retake just the practical/skills part of it if you passed the written however.
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    i have a similar problem... i just got home and i am wondering if I didn't do a step that was underlined (not bolded, just underlined) will i fail?? I didn't pull the sheets down to the waist level before putting on the bath blanket for the partial bed bath.
    Also, I did not put the bed in the lowest position before transferring from wheelchair to bed. But that wasn't bolded or underlines, and I did everything else in the skill, so i REALLY hope i do not fail... ugghhh

    But what do the underlined skills mean???? Are they critical to pass too??
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    The underlining means that it is a change from the previous year. The only criticals are the steps that are bolded. I am surprised that lowering the bed before doing a transfer is not a critical (bolded) item. Remember, in addition to not missing any bolded items, you must also get at least 80% of the skill correct.

    Good luck!

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