stna exam help in oh

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    hi everyone
    i just wondering if anybody have any ideas about stna practice test in ohio, i have my state test next week i am so so nervous cause english my second language , anything help appreciatetd.

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    I am a STNA instructor in Ohio and I would offer you a couple of suggestions:

    1. First I would google Nurse Aide testing, there are many sample tests that are free, take as many as you can.

    2. I highly suggest taking the oral test instead of the written. Better yet ask your instructor to put in for a reader-marker.

    3. Go over every med term in the back of your red book from D&S. Make sure you understand what they all mean.

    goodluck! language barriers can be difficult, but if you did good in your class, you should do fine. Let us know.

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    thank you for the advices , i will do my best , i appreciate

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