STNA certification expired. How to get re-certified?

  1. My STNA license was given to me on 17 Sept. 2005 and just expired at 17 Sept. 2007. I was in college for the majority of that time, and it wasn't convenient to work at a nursing home while in college. I completed the class as a prerequisite for Columbus State or COTC's nursing program. I called & left a message at the Ohio Dept of Health to ask this question but I want to know before Monday morning.

    Do I have to take the whole class again, just take the exam again, or somehow get a "wave of the hand" from a health director to be legitimate again?
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  3. by   mrsraisinkain
    I just took my STNA classes in September. There were a few people in my class who were there because they had let their license expire. It seemed to me that they did have to retake the course, then retake the test.
  4. by   begrace
    Try calling this number 615-741-7670 not sure if they will be able to help you, but they might know more about who can help you.
  5. by   iwillbnrn1day
    unfortunately you have to repay retake test retake clinicals retake the course sorry about that
  6. by   ICor9:24
    This happened to me, and I called - if its more than 24 months, you have to retake the course to get re cert, then you can test. :-(

    I think this is a good thing tho - because honestly I couldn't pass the test now, I don't remember much from the course - it seems like a lifetime ago!