Starting Lorain County Community College RN - Fall 2012 - page 11

Anyone else out there starting LCCC's RN program this fall? My orientation is May 7th, and I'm starting to get a little nervous!... Read More

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    It's great here! I'm starting my final semester next.

    As for 128/129, stay focused! It was definitely tougher for me to juggle the two, than it was 114/115. I had the semester where our 128 instructor was removed half way through, which probably made things more difficult. The nice thing is it's only 8 weeks of a double class.

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    Good for you! We had that happen this semester - lost our 115 instructor three weeks from the end of class. Any big plans after graduation?
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    Did she get sick? I'm curious which one! We lost ours at like week 10 or something crazy.
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    I'll message you!

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