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Is anyone else staring the LCCC ADN program in January? I got my acceptance letter on Wednesday. I was shocked to get it, because the last counselor I spoke with told me I'd be lucky to get in the Fall 2012. I submitted my... Read More

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    Ummm, I just realized this thread's LCCC is not my LCCC.
    LCCC for me is Lehigh Carbon Community Pennsylvania.

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    So, you're already on the list and just reupped your application? That gives you a better shot. Unless you didn't reup your application and had to reapply.

    You're preaching to the choir! I will have enough credits for a Bachelor's by the time that I am done.

    CSU is Cleveland State University.

    I'm not familiar with Northamptom CC. I just googled and it's in Pennsylvania. You're looking at Lorain County Community College in addition to a community college in PA?
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    Haha, lol, yeah, you're in the Ohio forum.

    Good luck to you, I hope the wait time at your LCCC is not as long as it is here.
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    Likewise! Hahaha
    I guess my LCCC isn't big enough yet...

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