Starting CSU Accelerated BSN in January 2012...

  1. Hi, everyone!

    I'm beginning Cleveland State's Accelerated BSN Program in January 2012. I was wondering if anyone else has been in that program or is in it now and can give any pointers about what to expect? Level of difficulty, time commitment, things like that? Do you do clinicals in just one hospital, or do you change hospitals for the different classes? Any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated! I am, of course, nervous but excited!
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  3. by   FutureNP82
    I will also be starting Cleveland State's Accelerated BSN program this coming Spring (2012). I am feeling the same way because you just do not know what to expect! I can't wait to start this journey!!
  4. by   jmlowe85
    I didn't attend CSU but encountered some of their students while in clinical's. All their clinicals are based out of the CCF, thats the only question I can answer.
  5. by   TG RN
    Hi Guys,

    I did do the accelerated BSN program at CSU. I was an AO4 (the 4th class to go through that program since it began). I started in May 2004 and graduated in August 2005. I passed the boards in early October 2005 and began working as a nurse at University Hospitals where I still am today. The decision to do that program was one of the best decisions I ever made! I love being a nurse.

    As for the program it was definitely intense but doable. I will say that you will eat, breathe, and basically live nursing for that 15 month time period. I would recommend not working and living off parents, loans, husband/wife or whatever during that time. The homework and the clinicals are very time consuming. My friend worked 1-2 days max on the weekends. I moved home with my mom and used money from my loans.

    All of our clinicals were at downtown CCF except Psych, Peds, and OB. The CCF sponsers it in hopes of having the nurses work for them after the program. I know UH and CCF had 1 and 2 yr tuition reimbursements in exchange for a work commitment. I chose to work for UH. I will say most of the nurses stuck with CCF after the program but some have chosen to come to UH since then. UH is very nurse friendly.

    The program may differ some since I was there but just expect to be very busy but to also have some fun. I met two close friends through the program and still keep in touch with a few more. Everyone sticks together for the most part and helps eachother get through it. It was a great experience and looking back, went really fast! I can honestly say that CSU accelerated BSN program prepared me very well. It is the right choice for nursing school! Good luck
  6. by   Jwarnike
    I have thought about the Accelerated Program, but the intensity scares me. I have 2 children and I'm concerned how many hours I'll be away. I asked the advisers how many hours a week the program is on average, one told me 40 hours, the other said she couldn't say.
  7. by   Eulzk
    I am starting the program January 2013!