Southern State Community College..Hillsboro Ohio

  1. I am considering doing their LPN to RN program..looking for feedback on their program!
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  3. by   MwtM
    Hey OSUFan, Go Bucks! I am currently in the last semester of the RN program at Southern State CC. The program has just recently changed from quarters to semesters (as have all the state schools). The LPN to RN bridge begins in the Summer with a "Bridge course." Then, in the Fall semester, the bridge students join in with second year RN students. Together, the Fall semester has students in Advanced Health Assessment, Psychiatric Mental-Health Nursing, and Advanced (Critical-Care) Med-Surg. Spring Semester is only two classes (Pharmacology II, and Directed Nursing Practice).

    To continue on in the program, you must pass all classes with "B" (80%), and several courses require you to also pass an ATI standardized test. The school is well thought of in the area. The LPN program has been ranked #1 in the nation for a couple of NCLEX cycles now, and the ADN program is competitive among other ADN schools. The school is "competitive entry" so there are no wait lists. The instructors are all clinicians, so they know what they're doing in practice. It's challenging, but it's not terribly hard if you're focused and driven. There were open spots in the last bridge class. I really hope this helps! Best of luck!
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