Select Specialty Hospital in Columbus

  1. I'm currently a new grad RN and wondered if anyone had any experience working for Select in Columbus and what your thought were. Thanks!
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  3. by   AMR21
    My husband works there. I did some of my med surg clinics is there. Honestly, he likes it a ton. Left a trauma floor to go there. They r super busy. Tons of long term vents/ vent wean, g tubes, post trauma, renal failure. Long term ill people. He describes it as a giant step down unit.
    They treat staff very very well. You have to to keep them in such a depressing place.
  4. by   RNemma
    I interviewed there as a new grad and never got a reply. I have since been offered a position elsewhere so I haven't investigated it further, but the nurse manager who interviewed me told me they were going to start a New Grad Internship program "soon." She didn't have details but that was in November so it may be more developed now.