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Why do I have trouble attracting RN's to work in one of the nicest nursing homes in cincinnati. When we advertise i get 90 LPN's applying for every 5 Rn's and the RN's either dont interview or if they start workign quit within a... Read More

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    Im about to graduate with my RN and currently work as a CNA in a nursing home. I am very afraid that a hospital won't count it as experience...how true do you think that is?
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    The problem with nursing homes is that there is no concern for the how acute someone is like in a hospital-if there were, we wouldn't be 1 RN to 40 patients on a skilled unit....and management doesn't really care as long as the beds keep full. I am a machine unfortunately. I try to squeeze in education and one on one time based on who needs it most. If you come in with a second knee replacement...you are not going to see me much except when you ask for pain meds (and I might be late...)
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    Yes, I hate reading but lol I'm starting to love these blogs. lol I love being a machine, but I would says its an experience working in a nursing home. Sometimes you have to start off small, and take opportunities as often as you can.
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    A hospital will never touch them without any experience....and there is no where else to get it.