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  1. I'm looking into lpn programs in Columbus, and I'm not sure where to go or start, I was reading up on Hondros college and I like that they do the stna in the program and most places make you wait and then you can start the program.

    Does anyone know anything else I should know good and bad about this school?
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  3. by   tallandrew1982
    Well i am actually a current Hondros student in the West Chester Branch. I am in the fourth and last term of my LPN program. In my opinion every school has its up and downs. My experience at Hondros has been positive and negative. Their curriculum is focused on getting you to pass the HESI and NCLEX. That makes sense judging by that is what you need to pass in order to practice. Their policies are sometimes silly in my opinion. First of all they dont hand back tests due to theft of material issues. The professors are good and bad just like everywhere. I think that price is a negative. Their fees are really high but then again if you go somewhere cheaper you are on a waiting list for two years. So in the end i think its all equals out. The main complaint i have with the school is their clinical sites. For example for our Maternal Nursing course we went to a hospital which was an hour and a half away. Then we sat there for 2 days and didn't see any births C sections or anything of ANY interest. Then for our peds clinical we went to a daycare to observe which was a total waste of my time. The nursing homes were all decent and no real complaints there.

    I hope this helps.
  4. by   Ktbug5777
    Hi Tallandrew!! I will be starting in April What kind of laptop will we be getting?
  5. by   tallandrew1982
    You get a Dell Inspiron 1545 labtop. They charge you like 1000 for the package but you are only getting a 500 dollar computer and a 50 dollar printer. You would be better off buying a computer from another place and getting a warranty. No matter what they tell you tehy cannot require you to buy a technology package.
  6. by   LexiRN2
    Quote from ficatiermaria
    im looking into lpn programs in columbus,and im not sure where to go or start,i was reading up on hondros college and i like that they do the stna in the program and most places make you wait and then you can start the do anyone know anything else i should know good and bad about this school
    As far as good things go, the program is straight forward and to the point. The reason that the peds clinical in the lpn program is at a daycare is because its supposed to be observation only. The OB clinical did suck because the hospital was pretty slow on births but I will tell you that the peds/ob clinical in the rn program is much more hands on and a good experience. I've had good experiences with all the instructors but everyone has their opinions. I agree that the laptop package is horrible! I didn't get it but if you look at the specifications of the laptop, it includes the microsoft office and all that stuff but in my opinion, no dell is worth more than $500. I suggest that you read ahead or get assignments done early so you have more free time for yourself. I worked full time in the lpn program and it all worked out for me. As far as BAD things go, i'd say to keep ane eye on your financial aid because the financial aid office has a tendency to mess up a bit. Good luck!
  7. by   WillBeRN2

    I am also considering Hondros. I have been to the info session already and I think its a nice campus (Cincinnati). I have seen some pros/cons I still haven't fully decided yet though. I am pretty sure I won't go for my RN if they haven't rcvd NLNAC accred by then, but I would be interested in getting my LPN then either using Excelsior or Univ of Rio Grande for the RN. Have you made any decisions yet?
  8. by   tallandrew1982
    I know as of right now they are in the candidate stage of NLBAC accred.
  9. by   HDHRN
    Hello everyone I just got accepted to Hondros on 4-20 for July classes It has been a long hard process for me. I am an LPN going on 2 years. I toured the school in october 2010 and knew it was the place for me. I wanted to start in Jan 2011, but had some issues with my life come up. I did start the process again, hoping to start in april. i took the hesi lpn exit test twice and couldnt pass it. i was actaully getting ready to give up and go elsewhere. then i was told they were changing the criteria for lpn to rn. all i had to do was take and pass the entrance hesi test. i took it last week and couldnt believe how easy it was! i had the study guide and it was great. ive heard ppl say that it was no help, but to me it was. so i will start in july at the fairborn campus for rn. my friend lisa is going as well, so at least i will have a study buddy.
  10. by   rene thinks
    HI CaringLPN....welcome to the Hondros RN program. I'm at West Chester..RN. The curriculum is no joke. Plan on studying hard. 1st term isn't too bad, but it really picks up in intensity after that. Make it through and you will pass that NClex, no worries. Great program but definately not for the pre-occupied and un-committed.
  11. by   HDHRN
    Thanks for the input. Good luck to you too
  12. by   Dabakh-lpn
    Hondros: Hi, i am newly registered as lpn at HONDROS in Columbus. Can anyone tell me how the schedules will be every quarter or how many days i should attend classes. Also, did they take all transfer credits such as biology for anatomy and physiology. I need your help and advices and i should start summer quarter.
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  13. by   HDHRN
    I am going today for my acceptance meeting. I was gonna ask those types of questions. I work 2 jobs and need to know how i am gonna balance them out lol. I hope it all works out, my life is already pretty crazy now as it is!
  14. by   Dabakh-lpn
    Thanks CaringLpn i really need to know that so i can plan my work schedule. I wish u a good luck, and stay strong to achieve yr goal, because we all need that.