Rae Ann Suburban

  1. 1 I'm thinking about applying here have anyone worked there before or currently do? How is the enviroement? is the pay good?
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    I worked at the Rae-Ann in Cleveland. Rough crowd and neglectful staff
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    Don't do it. They can't hold on to staff for a reason.
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    Look, I'm not sure what I'm allowed to say, but the staff is not exactly warm and fuzzy, many mistakes were made. I was there as an aid because they were the only place hiring 17 year olds with no experience. They start you right away. one time someone was working for two weeks before her background check came back, she had child abuse and assault charges
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    Fantastic facility. Great nurses. Have worked there for years.
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    Quote from pca_85
    I worked at the Rae-Ann in Cleveland. Rough crowd and neglectful staff
    Not true. Talk to someone who has worked there for years! Great place!!
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    I would highly caution anyone wanting to work for a Rae Ann facility...NEPOTISM IS RAMPANT, no job is safe. Unless you are part of the Rae Ann "KLAN" don't work there. And don't send your loved ones there either.
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