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I was wondering about Columbus State Community College (cscc) gpa requirement. They say the minimum gpa requirement is 2.6. But to be accepted do you have to have a higher one? I was also wondering... Read More

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    cscc has one of the best programs in the area and is definitely worth the wait! the faculty is very supportive and i'm sure you won't have much problem getting into the traditional track as long as you apply right when the application opens (within the first 15 minutes of it opening). let me know if you have more questions. i am a current student in the online track.

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    Thank you. I hear it is a good program, and money wise it probably would be the best one for me. Did you have to attend a nursing information session to obtain an application packet? And submit the written application packet during an application period or did they do it online when you applied? I know they did do them online but now I guess not.
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    It's a cheap program, but my hybrid class of Dec 2012 filed a formal report with the Ohio Board of Nursing because the program really is that bad. We graduated despite the faculty - they tried very hard to make sure we failed out. We rarely had PowerPoints. We never got new lectures (they were all years old). Faculty was no call no show to test reviews and then they eventually banned them all together. That's right - you're never allowed to know what you missed so you can learn from your mistakes but you better betcha those questions you missed will show up on the finals exam. It takes weeks to get email replies from them. I know the class that graduates in May 2013 is going to file a report as well. However, it's the only decent option in Columbus if you don't want to spend an insane amount of money and they still have a good reputation.
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    So do you think I should look into a different program? Isthere a program you recommend? Do you think the problems you had were due to the switchto semesters, or just faults with the program? I want to get my BSN, but I was trying to save money by going to cscc. Thanks for all your help. I'm sorry you had difficulties with your program.
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    That's terrible about the problems you had at CSCC :/ I actually know a handful of people who transferred to COTC due to the lack of caring from the professors at CSCC. My coworker failed her first nursing test, asked the professor to set up a meeting to talk about the test/ questions she had missed/ test taking strategy and the professor told her maybe nursing wasn't for her and she should look into different options. She switched to COTC and I know she is now doing well. It's a little bit of a farther drive but if CSCC has the problems that some students have said, it might be worth it to at leat check out COTC. From what I understand they accept applications for nursing every semester as well. I'm not speaking from personal experience since I do not attend either school, but just a little input from some people who I have talked to. Good luck!
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    lisalpetrie-I am applying to the online track this autumn and would like to get more info from you on your experience and any tips you might have! can you message me?
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    lisalpetrie-I tried to reply to your message but it will not allow me! Gah!
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    Obwon1 - PM me if you want CSCC info. I graduated from the hybrid track December 2012 :-)
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    Hello, I tried to PM you but the site will not allow it since I am a new member. I am starting my pre-req's now to prepare for applying to the nursing online track at CSCC. I would love to speak to someone who has completed the program!
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    Hey I'm currently taking RN pre requisite courses at CSCC. I am on the associate RN degree track at the school and was wondering how soon after finishing with that degree and taking the nursing exam would I possibly get a job ?

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