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Hello everyone, I was just accepted into the LPN program at Fortis College in Columbus, OH. After researching on here I have found some information that is quite concerning. First can anyone... Read More

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    I know these are old posts but I came across this on the NLNAC website. It's for the Centerville campus though not Columbus. And no, I'm not a Fortis student.
    Fortis College - Centerville Associate
    School of Nursing

    555 E. Alex Bell Road
    Centerville, OH 45459

    Nurse Administrator:
    Rosanna Bumgardner, EdD, MSN, MEd
    Director of Nursing
    Accreditation Status:
    Year of Initial Accreditation: October 2006
    Continuing Accreditation:
    Last Evaluation Visit: September 20-22, 2011
    Most Recent Action: March 2012
    Next Evaluation Visit: Spring 2014 with Warning
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