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  1. I was inquiring to see how this program has been playing out at Columbus State Community College? I am a Registered Rad Tech in Columbus and have a Bachelors Degree and was looking for info from students currently in the program or have graduated.

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  3. by   sassy7cassy
    I've heard good things about it from people who know people in the online track. (so not straight from the horses mouth) From what I've heard, it's very no-nonsense, the students are treated differently in the online program (for the better) because they have already completed degrees, and the class is very small. I start this fall in the online program, so I'll know more about it then.

    ETA: I did hear some unfavorable things about it a year or so ago. Those comments seemed to revolve around the program being new and the kinks hadn't been ironed out yet. Other than that, I haven't heard negative feedback about it.
  4. by   bjw4141
    Thank you for the reply. If you don't mind let me know what you think once you get rolling. I have taken online classes before and have really liked the flexibility. I am currently working on the sciences right now. I work fulltime as a staff radiographer in Columbus.

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  6. by   zena231
    I graduated from the CSCC online program last June (2nd online group). I really liked the program for its flexibility especially. I worked fulltime (M-F days)at OSU and was able to do my nursing classes online with clinicals and labs in evenings and weekends. It made all the difference for me since I didnt have to switch to a more flexible fulltime job while in nursing school like so many others I know had to do. The course work was hard, much harder than what I had to do for my 1st degree. But, I really liked most of my teachers and truthfully CSCC was a much nicer overall school experience than what I had in the past. It was nice to be on campus there and I liked the fact that we used so many of our books throughout the program, so you dont constantly have to buy new books every single quarter. Also, I think there is a difference between how the online program worked vs the traditional, but it was to our benefit sometimes ex: we didnt have to do some of the more time consuming things the traditionals had to do. We didnt have to buy as many books and supplies as they did. The downside was that we weren't in classrooms having the "important material" discussed with us. We had massive amounts of reading that we had to decide what needed focused on. Helpful hint: get together with some of the other students and form study groups. There was so much reading that several of us decided to divide up the info and type up notes on it. This gave us good study guides to focus on with less work per each person. With the overwhelming amount of material, you have to have good plan in place. Also, organization is very important. Keep a calendar where you can see it and organize your quarter. Write down when assignments are due and tests are scheduled. It is very easy to foregt these things when you have so much going on. If there is anything else I can help with let me know.
  7. by   sassy7cassy
    Thanks so much for the tips!
  8. by   surggirl
    Anybody for Columbus apply to the new pilot program for online nursing if you have an associate degree and have healthcare experience? I'm waiting word on whether I got into it or not. The traditional track application starts next week, so I hope they let me know.
  9. by   GracefulHippo
    When was the application period for the pilot? Is there any reason why you're waiting to hear back instead of applying when the traditional track window opens?
  10. by   surggirl
    I will apply next week if I don't hear anything before then. The application was due Dec. 8th. I learned it on the fly when I was inquiring about some class I thought I needed. The instructor to that class asked me since I'm a surgical tech, would I be interested in getting into the spring class of a new online program for alumni with healthcare degrees? That's how I ended up applying.
    So, hopefully I will hear something before next Wednesday.
  11. by   GracefulHippo
    Chances are you won't hear back in time. Last year I applied to the online track in December and then the traditional track in January right when it opened. I got my online acceptance letter in February and immediately accepted. I'm assuming doing that completely took me out of the running for traditional (which is fine) because I never heard another word about it.
  12. by   surggirl
    Well, Kathy Eichenberger told me that I should know before then. In fact, I just emailed her to ask her when I could expect information. The thing is, they didn't know if it was gonna fly. They were waiting to see what the interest was. So, chances are...I won't even be doing this at all. So, I don't even know if I'm going to #1 have the class, and #2 if I got accepted into it. This is something totally new to offer online classes to students other than Bachelor's.

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