Ohio RNs: What's the job market like there?

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    I'm a new grad RN (graduated in May) living in San Diego. I'm currently volunteering at a school as a school nurse and also working at a flu shot clinic while I try to get my foot in the door at any hospital. My husband has put in for a transfer for Ohio and I wanted to know how tight/competitive/realistic the job market is in areas like Sandusky and Toledo. I've found a few hospitals in Ohio that offer new grad RN programs but I wanted to know how competitive the industry is in that area. Just to give you a taste of what it's like in San Diego, we had over 30000 applicants for 12 positions at the local chidren's hospital, while 2000 applied for only 2 ER positions at a local adult hospital. I'm still applying for positions here, but I wanted to know if the grass was greener in another state.

    Thanks for any information that you guys can give me.
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  4. by   lyela
    In short- it is very competitive, even for an experienced nurse as many hospitals limit opening to people who are already in the system. Promedica and Mercy are the two biggest systems NW Ohio and you can check out their offering on the web.

    I know some GNs from last May who still haven't found jobs, unless you count working Wendy's or Sonics.
  5. by   birdie22
    I'm not sure about NW ohio specifically, but in general, its still a tight job market here. I graduated in Spring 2010 and just got a job this past May.
  6. by   nulife4good
    Thanks for the feedback. I checked out Promedica and Mercy online a few weeks ago and it looked promising. But, it's one thing to read about it and quite another to get feedback from some RNs in the area. Sounds like the market is pretty tight there too. Maybe I can convince my husband to move to Alaska or Wyoming or another state with a small population.